Huge KILLER Dolphin!

First I want to start with a disclaimer. Why? Well, it has been a while since I wrote about someone’s death and I want to make sure that while this post will be satirical in nature, I don’t mean it to offend anyone, their memory, or bring more pain to their family. So, with that said, if you are related to the poor chick that was attacked by the whale I beg you not to keep reading because what I am about to write will be completely insensitive to your loss and I seem to be on a roll pissing people off.

Orcinus orca is a marine mammal from the dolphin family; I am no expert but thankfully my wife is. I wanted to be an expert growing up, since Marine Biologist was what I wrote on all of those “what do you want to be when you grow up,” right next to veterinarian. But that did not happen and I chose to go the computer geek route. So in language that is at my level of understanding, an Orca is a huge animal that somehow got the reputation killer… even a movie made about it which I saw as a kid. It probably somewhat steered me away from a life near the sea altogether.

When Steve Irwin died getting to close to marine life, I wanted to also rant about it… but I thought better of it back then and left it at one line. Today I cannot let it go any longer, especially after a report this morning informed me that previous situations in the park had lead to warn the people that run the place that the attack to a human was only a matter of time.

People love their pets a little too much at times. I am one of those people. I have become attached to the cats that share a household with me quite a bit, and when they do go it’s going to hurt like hell. They are domesticated animals, and to me that means that they won’t eat me unless I die first and they simply have no food. I do have to be dead though, and they have to be starving; however it is very unlikely they will take my life. I like being around those animals.

Then there is the second tier of animals that I see people keeping, but start questioning their sanity. That is animals that can actually kill you or your loved ones. They will be all the animals that to me are not domesticated, like things with fangs and venom and primates. Yeap, primates too, they get violent and can kill you but especially your kids.

Then we cross the “have your head examined” line. The people that actually seek these animals in the wild to swim with sharks. I somewhat understand the adrenaline junkie mentality because I would not mind running with the bulls some day… even though I don’t think I can outrun a calf. If I was to get trampled or someone gets chomped on by a shark, they totally deserve it… that is natural selection working its magic.

I am not a fan of zoos or aquariums because wild animals should not be kept in captivity, in my opinion. I have gone to them and I will accompany people to them, but I feel sad when I see amazing animals for humans to just gawk at. Now, if it is for conservation purposes that is another story. Humans should not be around predators, period; especially in captivity. I might be way wrong but I cannot believe a wild animal is happy to be in a cage. Yeah, those pretty “habitats” are just for your pleasure that most of them don’t enjoy past visiting hours. Even trained people get hurt by them all the time, and I think they are insane for loving animals that much that they want to be that close every single day.

Like Steve Irwin I think Dawn Brancheau died doing what she loved, but her employer should have discontinued the proximity between humans and the whales after they were warned of the danger. Seaworld, and even her family and friends during the funeral, wanted the show to go on. I am not as extreme as PETA, but I do agree with the flipper trainer on wanting to conserve marine mammals. It will never make sense to me that people have to be that close to animals that can kill you.

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