O Canada!

This weekend I witnessed one of the most exciting hockey games of my life.  I don’t even know half of the rules, I still think of soccer when I hear offside, but I enjoyed the game a lot. Maybe because some of the best players on either side are Blackhawks and it makes me think, this might be the year? But it was just a display of playing hard every single minute of the match.

I wanted to watch the game with my wife who wanted Canada to win, of course, but I wanted the U.S.A. to go all the way. I think the match was played a little more aggressively by the American team, and Canada played a superb defense. It ended in overtime after Parisi scored a last minute goal that made a whole country wonder if they had just seen the gold escape them.

In very Hollywood fashion Crosby came back to be the hero for the nation by scoring in during sudden death leaving the Americans with silver, which is no small accomplishment.

I am happy for Canada. Crosby and company got it done! Congratulations!

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