And I still have hair on my head!

I’m not much for birthday celebrations, but with my wife and friends I have had some amazing birthday celebrations the past couple of years. This year being close to family is going to make it just as special since Bea, Mom and Sister are going to go all out and make home made Empanadas for superbowl watching to celebrate my birthday.

I am not overly retrospective today funny enough. It might be the cold I am getting over, too much work to do or just being ready for the weekend.

I do have still hair on my head. I thought I would be bald by now because one of my great uncles that I seem to share a lot of genes with was bold by this time. Thinning hair, but still got it up there. Actually that same uncle is the one that made me start thinking of changing my relationship with food since he did pass away younger than he should have.

I’m much wiser than when I started my 20s and in a lot of ways a totally different person, but the more I think about it, the more I am coming back to some of those same ideas I had when I was young. I guess everything is a cycle of change when it comes to your personality, passions and likes. Being away from Chicago for over six years makes things feel familiar and yet evolved in some senses. Leaving was one of the best things I did for becoming a true adult, coming back is probably going to complete that chapter in more ways than anything else.

The 30s have never scared me… actually I don’t think any age really scares me. I know how inevitable getting old is and I embrace the fact that I will eventually get into the XO territory and hopefully not be as cranky as Meesha really is. It has been a great trip until know and I look forward to at least doubling my current age and hopefully tripling it if possible… who knows maybe aliens will get here and I’ll get to multiply it by 4.

I got some awesome surprise calls today that truly made my day! I did not expect them at all :)

I thank you for all the good wishes, all the phone calls and overall your relationships. I think that is what makes my life so awesome, that I have so many amazing people around me. You make me very glad to be me! so thank you!

Dexter Withdrawal!

The wife and I have entered a new relationship with television. I became a total snob and only watch download-able content without commercials and she has become addicted to Lost and is waiting patiently for it to start today. She is not as addicted to it was I was at one point following several shows, but she watches more TV than I do now. We now enjoy watching series together though, and its awesome. We finished BattleStar Galactica not too long ago and thanks to our little cousins got into Dexter.

We were at a family function and both of them were jonesing for the season finale of season 4 of Dexter like I do for video game time. So we figured, lets give it a try and started watching it on netflix. I don’t want to spoil much for those that have not discovered this gem, but I had the ice truck killer pegged since the first time he came on screen. The show has everything from dark humor to suspense. Weird thing is that there are tons of blood and guts but Bea seems to only be faced by the flossing during the opening credit. Come to think of it, the opening credits disturb me as well… maybe it is my dislike of big chunks of ham.

Now we have finished up to season 3 either digitally or through rental and season 4 does not come out on DVD until AUGUST!!!! NOOO!!!

I cannot wait to continue watching this show. Its fun to want the “bad” guy to win at every turn. Funny thing is that the show is pretty popular all over the world, but they don’t get it through a paid channel but rather free channels. I watched an interview with the main actor and it was interesting to hear the different reactions from different parts of the world. How in America we are satisfied with the killer getting rid of murderers, but in Europe they are still bothered by the fact that he is a killer.

Moral dilemmas aside, the show is great entertainment and it explores human emotion from a new perspective. I am really not sure how accurate the portrayal of a serial killer can really be since I doubt any of them really lets anyone “in” but it is still interesting to see someone with no conscience. Everyone at one point or another has watched or even enjoyed a good Vampire fiction and in reality they are simply murderers, but when you put a very human face in a monster that has a different kind of make up it makes you wander. Serial killers have made me curious but never fascinated me, there was always something disgusting about them; however the character of Dexter is likable, even endearing.

Now we have to wait to continue the saga, and for the first time since we moved I am considering getting cable again just to watch this show. Yea it is that good.

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