Dexter Withdrawal!

The wife and I have entered a new relationship with television. I became a total snob and only watch download-able content without commercials and she has become addicted to Lost and is waiting patiently for it to start today. She is not as addicted to it was I was at one point following several shows, but she watches more TV than I do now. We now enjoy watching series together though, and its awesome. We finished BattleStar Galactica not too long ago and thanks to our little cousins got into Dexter.

We were at a family function and both of them were jonesing for the season finale of season 4 of Dexter like I do for video game time. So we figured, lets give it a try and started watching it on netflix. I don’t want to spoil much for those that have not discovered this gem, but I had the ice truck killer pegged since the first time he came on screen. The show has everything from dark humor to suspense. Weird thing is that there are tons of blood and guts but Bea seems to only be faced by the flossing during the opening credit. Come to think of it, the opening credits disturb me as well… maybe it is my dislike of big chunks of ham.

Now we have finished up to season 3 either digitally or through rental and season 4 does not come out on DVD until AUGUST!!!! NOOO!!!

I cannot wait to continue watching this show. Its fun to want the “bad” guy to win at every turn. Funny thing is that the show is pretty popular all over the world, but they don’t get it through a paid channel but rather free channels. I watched an interview with the main actor and it was interesting to hear the different reactions from different parts of the world. How in America we are satisfied with the killer getting rid of murderers, but in Europe they are still bothered by the fact that he is a killer.

Moral dilemmas aside, the show is great entertainment and it explores human emotion from a new perspective. I am really not sure how accurate the portrayal of a serial killer can really be since I doubt any of them really lets anyone “in” but it is still interesting to see someone with no conscience. Everyone at one point or another has watched or even enjoyed a good Vampire fiction and in reality they are simply murderers, but when you put a very human face in a monster that has a different kind of make up it makes you wander. Serial killers have made me curious but never fascinated me, there was always something disgusting about them; however the character of Dexter is likable, even endearing.

Now we have to wait to continue the saga, and for the first time since we moved I am considering getting cable again just to watch this show. Yea it is that good.

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4 comments on “Dexter Withdrawal!

  1. I have the last two discs of season 3 to finish. I enjoy the moral turmoil of liking a serial killer. Dexter is likable and I don’t want him to get caught. I guess it is because he is a vigilante of sorts.

    The books this is based on are pretty good as well.

    Great post.

  2. Our dinner routine includes watching an episode of Dexter. It’s such a great show, but the first time I heard about it, I panned it. “How can you root for the bad guy? He’s a killer!” But I watched it, and got hooked. What kills me is that Dex and Deb are married in real life! It took awhile to get used to that, and now that I know, I look for little clues in the first episodes before they got married!

  3. I haven’t seen a lot of Dexter, but what I have seen I HAVE liked.

    Now Lost on the other hand, is one of the few shows I will bother recording if I am out of the house. Glad your wife came over to the dark side!

  4. Hahaha so Dexter is that good huh? Now say Thank You Cuz! You see Dexter is one of those shows that it has a far deeper meaning than what is taken at face value. This made me think of my Morality and where spectrum i was at. The ever growing addiction to the monster…. sounds like some kinda show dealing with drug addiction (well… Season 2…..) Trust me, anyone else reading this, Dexter will have you Fighting with your own inner demons while being sucked by the like able Character that is Dexter Morgan.

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