Snipe Hunting

I was thankfully never actually fooled into going into one of these hunts, mostly because the whole going into the woods at night is just not something that appeals to me. I am more into the whole dark cave thing… but that is a post for another time. The phrase does inspire this post which is about finding the snipe hunting you.

I am paranoid about a lot of things, but it has been something that I tried to work on. I sadly have seem to turn it off at all the wrong times… so instead of turning it off I am now trying to use it to my advantage. So far it has been working pretty good.

The whole paradox gets even a little more convoluted when I go ahead and tell you that I am also a very willing to hand out trust. Yeap, even as paranoid as I can be, I am also very willing to make new friends and meet new people. The thing is that in doing so I let them into my world a little too much.

Since the snipe is a totally made up creature, well partly and for entertainment purposes, lets give it some qualities. A snipe is a person you meet that has a lot of good qualities, or at least want to portray them that way but they are only there as hooks. In relationships we all want positive reinforcement in some level, and some are very willing to give that out but not because they feel it but because they know that is the social norm.

We have been watching Dexter lately, and it is an amazing show that entertains but also shines a light at human behavior. When a serial killer looks at life and human interaction from the outside of the emotional realm, it shines a very scary light into why we do the things we do. In a very similar fashion, Meesha not too long ago observed something similar about smiles.

Good sports commentators are not the ones that perfectly describe how a pass spirals through the air or announce GOOOAAAAAAAAAL! the ones that we like to listen to are the ones that are able to predict the adjustment a team is going to make to win the game, or the one that can predict a play before it happens. They are good at their job because the became experts at recognizing patterns related to specific situations. One of the main reasons I love the book Blink.

It is easy to recognize a bad influence in your life after they have made a mess out of it. The trick is to recognize those snipes before they are even inside the door. I don’t have the key to that just yet, but I am getting better at honing my spidey senses. Take a moment and reflect on what snipes you have around!

5 comments on “Snipe Hunting

  1. I love Dexter. What a character – he’s so psychologically intoxicating. He’s a killer, but also a good guy. Huh?

    Advertising is a snipe, dontcha think? Always hunting the buyer.

  2. When I was in Scouts, I participated in several snipe hunts. The first one, where I wasn’t in on it, I figured it out and turned the tables on the pranksters. I went back to camp without them and they thought they lost a kid.
    I like the analogy of the emotional snipe, something we are hunting that isn’t definitely real. And yes, people DO fall into that category at times.

    I don’t want to tell you to become cut off or paranoid, but knowing about the snipe, means that you shouldn’t get sucked into the hunt too easily.

  3. bohzo (hello)

    It is so fun camping in the wilds, especially in remote areas of the Wolf and Bear, nothing makes your blood flow like hearing and seeing these animals.

    I often took my now grown kids for a week to the remote places so they could live a simple way. My son ended up in the Air Force, I never expected that my trips to the woods would spark a survival nut who would feel at home in strangers land with complete strangers who speak a different language.

    Kindness learned towards animals seems to follow a person into adulthood.

    Megwitch (Thank You) for sharing.

    Have a great day!

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