Dreading Sunday

I work more hours now than I have in years, and I could not be happier with my job. Sure there are plenty of challenges and things that could be different and make it funner, but overall I feel appreciated and well compensated for what I do. I am very thankful for my job and understand that having a job is a huge blessing. That said, in previous jobs I used to dread Sunday.

I would wake up knowing that the next day I had to go into a place where the mood changed like the weather outside. It certainly did not start that way, and I felt like there were many forces at play to make it the way it was, but I now know that it had a lot to do with my own outlook on things.

Trying to change things that you have no control over, or having the desire to do so can be not just frustrating but enraging. Understanding where your control of the situation ends in a job is the key to overall mental health in the workplace. If you feel like it is not the place for you, and you stay because of environment, benefits, or simply because it is the best paycheck you can get; you have to equip yourself with a clear outlook.

Identify what you do have control over, starting with your mood. Plan your days or week in a way that you dedicate your time in an effective manner to get things done. Have a support system outside of your work that can help you sort things out in your head. It is very easy to fall into the internal perspective of things, and outside people that know you can give you insight into your situation even if they don’t understand exactly what you do.

Make yourself visible. Frustration can sometimes come from not being recognized for what you do. If you are not getting credit for what you do, someone else might be enjoying the fruits of your job.

Have hobbies, read a good book. When things are getting stressful at a workplace, make sure that you spend your time away wisely and in activities that give your brain a rest. Do something that engages your mind and not something that allows you to still think about work after you spent all day working there.

Arrive early. When you dread your job it is very easily to just start getting there just in time. That can create even more stress, so make a habit of getting the early and it will set up your days in the right direction.

If you still feel the same way, don’t wait to look for a job. You should not dread going to work, you might not like it, but the moment it becomes a true negative in your life you will be compromising too much. If you cannot change your outlook, you need to get out because it will affect your health and relationships with others.

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  1. Was that aimed at me?:) What you say rings true. Also, there is some comfort at work even if you don’t enjoy it. Moving forward can be tough and scary. Especially if you feel you don’t have the tools to change.

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