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I like doing interviews and has specially enjoyed my interview of Average Jane that was part of my blogger interview series. I still want to continue interviewing other people from the KC area. Average Jane recently posted about Neil Kramer’s Great Interview Experiment and I immediately wanted to be a part of it. So I signed up and patiently waited to be paired up with two other bloggers. I was contacted in less than a week and Dufmanno and I were exchanging e-mails and a link to a shared document in no time. Dufmanno has an excellent writing stile and truly cracked me up as I read back through some of her older posts. Bellow I present you my interview of Dufmanno.

Logtar: The first post that I could find in your blog was about the swine flu, which brings up two questions. Have you ever blogged before this site? and do you feel diferently about the whole H1N1 now (was it just a normal flu blow out of proportion?)

Dufmanno: Ahhh, swine flu. I spent the better part of last year frozen in terror, waiting for it to strike and then I think we actually caught it and lived to tell the tale. So I’m not currently in full blown CDC mode like I was back then. I have two other rinky dink blogs that I piddle around on. They are sort of my red headed step children that I hide in the closet when company comes over. But Dufmanno sprouted legs over a long school shut down that left me nearly insane.

L: Has a picture inspired a post, or are most of them found to complement an already written piece?

D: Yes, a picture that I’ve snapped has directly or indirectly gotten my mind headed in a certain direction and most of the time that diretion results in a post. The most recent one that comes to mind is the photo of my son at the farm that morphed into “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”. I have to admit here though the the thing that inspires me the most is the radio. I have a terrible habit of listening to Sirius/XM’s First Wave and Classic Vinyl stations and stealing every song title that comes up.

L: Interestingly enough we both seem to have similarly explosive rage personalities. Have you found anything that can be a good escape valve for the rage?

D: I come from a long line of New York hot heads. Loud, proud, and not going away anytime soon. I have a tendancy to blow up VERY easily (especially while driving, or when someone drinks my iced tea) so I need to watch it with the kids. Before I became a lazy, snuggie wearing slob, I found that excessive exercise helped me dial it down quite a bit. Now I usually call one of my equally enraged friends and we yell and stew together. Very theraputic.

L: Besides rage we have following the teachings of Cathol at some point in our lives in common, this is a very hilarious post by the way ( besides your husband, do you hang out with many “God Ignore-rs” ?

D: Actually no. Among my friends and relatives, I am the only one with a first class ticket on the express train to hell. My mother is all over me about my lack of church going and I’m surrounded by super Catholics because for fun we sent the kids to parochial school so they could suffer the same pain. My oldest pals wore the knee socks and jumper with me and we love to reminisce about the shared knuckle rapping and ear pulling.

L: How much of your heritage can you track back to the motherland, any embarrasing “windex on My B F Greek Wedding type of stuff?”

D:I’m quite a mix actually. I’ve got Sicilian and Irish on one side and Sicilian mixed with German, English and American Indian on the other. I can only trace the Sicilian ancestry back because they have every freaking document (Including the ship roster from when they sailed to the U.S.) and minds like steel traps. My grandma used to say bad words in Italian while she smoked and drank her scotch on ice. As far as embarassing stories, every encounter with these people ends in a weird shame spiral. There are just too many to recount.

L: I noticed your natural disaster scenarios on the interview you conducted. Recount the closest encounter that you have been to a natural disaster?

D: Wow, let me think. I guess we did manage to muddle through a few hurricaines with no power for a few hours but that’s as close as we’ve ever come to real adversity. I’m waiting though. I’ve got my power generator and dried food packets ready.

L: While talking about disasters, what movie, book and CD would you take love to have with you if you were stranded on an island?

Movie – I would cheat and bring two – Annie Hall and The Terminator
Book – Naked, by David Sedaris
CD – Regatta De Blanc – The Police

L: Are you ever going to expand on your “About Me” page or do you just want to keep everyone wondering?

D: Since I’m really famous in real life I think it would be better for everyone if I remain in the shadows. My true identity may cause you to gasp.
Honestly, it never even occurred to me that anyone would want to know more about me. Perhaps, that’s something I need to work on.

L: Do you enjoy reading blogs written by women more than men, any suggestions?

D: It depends on the day. If I’m craving a certain type of humor or writing I head right to certain blogs. There is just so much out there, it’s hard to choose just a few.
My blogroll has most of the blogs I visit regularly and I even need to add a few more .

L: I have done a couple of interviews in the past and I love word association… don’t think just give us the first thing that comes to mind.

Purple :: shoe laces
Square :: colander
Limbo :: hell, flashing lights
Cup :: flying
Cone :: Hoyer’s
Fan :: supergroupie
Geek :: alliance (?)

D: Okay, that was weird.

So there you have it, some excellent answer and a very interesting blogger that you should check out.

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  1. I can’t tell you how much joy that weird list of word associations brought me. Perfection. And now I want a square colander. At least she didn’t say colonder.

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