Hamburger Helper and SpaghettiOs

Dehydrated and canned foods are not very common in Colombia. I think the only thing I ever saw come out of a can there was tuna and back then I was really not much of a fan. Out of a box the only thing I can remember eating is Jell-o.

Back in College one of my friend that was Italian mentioned that he had never had SpaghettiOs to everyone else amazement. I stayed quiet and observed the rest of the conversation, but for many of my other friends growing up was full of canned, quick foods. I tasted SpaguettiOs once and almost puked. I am not adverse to ramen noodles or mac and cheese, both of which I learn to eat during my college years.

My family does not eat out very often. Not just my immediate family, but also my extended one too. The food we eat at home is excellent an home cooked meals are great, but learning about other foods from all over the word has certainly enriched my life. Hamburger Helper is not bad, is something quick and it does not taste horrible. I know most chain restaurants use similar ingredients for some of the meals you get, and cooked fresh is pretty relative in most places you eat out at.

I have not had Hamburger Helper in some time now, not even home cooked mac and cheese (can any of these foods be considered home cooked?) but am also pretty used to canned beans now and think they taste pretty similar to regular beans depending on how they are prepared. TV dinners are something I tried but did not like at all and have never really been part of my diet. So I am pretty curious now. For us our quick dinners are either pasta or rice and beans. What are some of your default dinners? do they include canned, frozen or out of a box food?

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  1. I may never find out what these things taste like,frozen pizza and mac’n’cheese is probably as far as I ever ventured into the world of disgusting pre-made foods or TV dinners.It takes about 25-30 minutes for mashed and/or pan fried potatoes, 10 minutes to pan-fry a chicken breast or a pork chop. Why bother with the frozen crap.

  2. Ugh I can’t stand Spaghetti Os. On the other hand I do dig on the Chef Boyardee stuff (beefaroni, ravioli) in cans once in a blue moon. I keep several cans of soup in the cupboard just in case I can’t get out for a period of time.

    Anything from hamburger helper you can make a version of yourself in about the same time, and that way you know what is in it. I think mac n cheese counts as homecooked, even if you use the packaged version (but made from scratch is much better).

    As for TV dinners, skip em. If you have to microwave something do a single entree. I never had a TV Dinner growing up that 1 of the dishes wasn’t damn near inedible.

    It’s not in the main discussion list, but a go to meal for me is salad. If I am having company I’ll get a bunch of veggies to include. If it’s just me, I usually settle for a couple of the bags with something a little more than straight iceberg in em.

  3. Um…I thought the holes in our new pot holders were for your thumbs, you know, to poke your thumbs in so you get a good grip on the pot holder? Wrong. I don’t cook. Thankfully, my husband does. Default for us would be pasta.

  4. Since we plan out our meals every week on Sunday, every night we have something ready at hand to “go to”. Sometimes, it takes an hour to make it, and sometimes it takes less than 20 minutes. But if we need a quick and easy meal for some particular reason, we usually get frozen meatballs, some sauce, and make pasta to go with it. I also like red beans and rice, and either tacos or fajitas for a quick meal that’s yummy and home made, too.

  5. My default home meal is pasta and whatever meat I can defrost in the microwave. My default drive-thru for when I can’t imagine standing in front of the stove is Chinese take-out.

    I bought each kid one can of Spaghetti-Os a few weeks ago for a night they find themselves on their own for dinner. Both cans are still in the pantry. Their default meal is waiting for me to make dinner.

    Great topic. I enjoyed participating.

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