Respecting Reality

Perception tends to become reality. Lack of communication in human interactions speeds up that process exponentially. Most people only work on the realm of their own reality and forget to include the rest of the world when evaluating situations. Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is an old proverb that seems to have been forgotten altogether.

Defining reality should not be a question for a movie to answer. I loved the movie The Matrix, but the notion of my reality being controlled by a computer is simply too far fetched. Spend enough time dealing with people and you will know that there is no machine powerful enough to handle the input from people’s skewed view of life. Including my own.

I have always liked religion because it has always created more questions for me rather than given me all the answers. I think its mostly due to free will and faith. I love both concepts and I think they are part of what defines reality for me. I have faith on a higher power while knowing that I have the free will to make choices. Destiny and butterfly effect are also very cool concepts to ponder upon when it comes to defining what our reality is.

To me reality is the collision of actions. Words collide and they cause feelings on people. You cannot see the feelings, but you can see the reactions. Reading people’s facial expressions is amazing. The genuine smile after someone tells a joke, the contortion of the face when a liar tries to bluff, The closing of an eyelid which releases sadness of a tear rolling down someone’s face.

When you are interacting with others, please try to take their reality into consideration. It might seem like the saddest or craziest reality, but if you don’t take their rules of play under consideration; communication will not be accomplished. I am amazed by how many only want to live in their little world. Opening up to others and visiting is half the fun this life has to offer.

One comment on “Respecting Reality

  1. You cram a lot of concepts in your posts sometimes. I am going to leave off the Religion/Faith/Destiny thing and talk about talking.

    I don’t know where I read or heard a phrase about communication, so I can’t credit it. It basically said that interacting and relating were not the same thing.

    You can talk, or text, or e-mail, or any other means of communication with another person, but without a shared frame of reference you will not be as effective. Relating to the person, in same way shape or form, will give you insight on their perspective. That is important because then you know they are “getting” what you are saying and vice versa.

    How many times have we seen flame wars and the like because 2 people with the same position on a topic cannot agree on how to say it? OK, that was rhetorical, but it’s a valid point. The biggest fight I have seen online have always been between people who just couldn’t relate.

    In closing I want to urge you and your readers to be aware that relating to somebody in one part of their life does NOT mean you relate will in all others. Because you have a shared place of employment, root for the same sports franchise, or play the same online game doesn’t mean you have a grasp on another person’s entire complex personality. So don’t get complacent.

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