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Topics to talk about are pouring down, but I don’t have the time to really get into them right now. A thanksgiving post was on the works, but then it went into sever different ramblings that need to be different posts altogether. In essence I am thankful for my new place to live, my new place to work, being close to family… you get the idea; I am thankful for tons of things. Well, on of the branches of that post that just grew tentacles is this. I am super thankful for the relationships I have built tanks to the personal confuser and my blog.

Before I get into the blog part of things I want to thank everyone that is part of my WoW guild. They provide me an arena to just turn my brain off and have fun. It is amazing that we have actually been drama free for a while, and for any online community that is a huge win.

I sat here thinking about how many people I have met thanks to my blog, and well, the list is pretty long… most amazing, some of them are now my closest friends. I have tons of relationships with people that, even though computer savvy, could care less about blogs and they probably won’t ever read this, so why talk about them. I want to make a list of the friendships I have built thanks to this little space.

Two of my oldest friends online are now the closest people to me in my life. One is my best friend Daniel and the other is my wife. I met both of them through this space and I am very thankful that we built our relationship online and when we met face to face it just got stronger. This year I met Daniel and I am extremely thankful that we had this opportunity. Even more so that we continue to be part of each other’s life even though geographically, we are so far apart.

Mike is in a category all by himself. He does not realize it sometimes, but he truly made my life in Michigan bearable. Sure, the Marks were there for me at work, and I appreciate them for that… but Mike, whom I met just because his blog’s latitude and longitude, was close to mine became the lifeline that I needed during that period of time. So I am very thankful for that, not to mention that while in Kansas City he and his wife visited us four times and they are truly a part of our lives. So for the relationship I now have with him and his wife I am very thankful.

Melissa and Travis are college friends of mine but this blog has kept us connected. We used to talk on the phone more often before the blog, but I know that they keep up this way. I am thankful that this blog has kept us friend, even though I know it is not necessary for our relationship since it has and will continue to be strong no matter what… but I am thankful for the blog nonetheless.

Now comes the hard part. I met more people in Kansas City through blogs than in any other place I lived… it almost feel weird to go to a meet up for blogs here in Chicago because I will compare. I made many life long friendships via this blog there. And today I will only mention Meesha and I am patiently waiting for his next Ikea trip so I can see him. The rest of you, you know who you are and you know how I feel. So I am very thankful for all those relationships!

Twitter was not a place I thought I would find a relationship in. I honestly thought that most of the people I met through those meetups would be just acquaintances; and then I met several real cool people that now are very close friends and specially my BFF and his wife. I am thankful that I have John to share quarky things with, that he and I stay connected in a new way with the Xbox, and I cannot wait to see him and his wife up here.

Not to suck up, but because without her my life would not be complete, I am thankful that I met my wife through her blog. That I got to marry someone that was in my eyes a rockstar in the early 2000 blogging world. That better get her butt to do some more blogging because I love reading her take on things. I am thankful that both of our blogs connected us in many ways and we were able to take those little strands and turn them into the strong rope our relationship is now.

So in conclusion, thanks to the computer for making communication a lot easier and allowing me to find my little bees.

Happy T-Day

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  1. To meet Meesha is to love him. And I think he’s met half the bloggers in Kansas City and surrounding areas. He is a brave soul.

  2. John, you and Bea have become such a crucial part of my life. Even though it may seem only like passing fancy, never would I trade the moments we have shared through any form of communication. Having you back in Chicago gives me great opportunity to come visit again! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I give thanks to the warmth and joy you always bring to my life.

  3. You’ve had some great blog posts over the last couple weeks. I haven’t had a lot of time to comment on them. Heck, I haven’t been on Facebook now in a week either. I definitely want to get together sometime after the holidays now that you are back in Illinois again. I have a lot more customers in Chitown than I do in KC, so the opportunities to be in the area are much greater. We’ll have to work something out very soon bro. I miss the both of you!

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