Crazy I tell you, Crazy

So I have been writing tons of posts. Yeap, write about two paragraphs and bam I have something to take care of and a post turns into a draft. I like having tons of drafts to work on later, but I really been meaning to post more often about our adventures here in Chitown. So for lack of time you are just going to get a disjointed post of thoughts and random info.

Things are work continue to be crazy busy, but there are several lights at the end of the tunnel. No big guiding lights, more like LED flickers, but still. I will be happier once the candidate that I really liked finally fills a position to free up some of my time.

We enter one of those weekend that I did not miss at all. There are 3 different invitations from friends to parties because the word has finally spread that I’m back, two on them tomorrow night. There is also an outing with the motorcycle crowd, but its early on Sunday and we have family commitments in the early afternoon. It turns into a balancing act of having too many things to do and not doing any of them.

I am super excited that a new Cirque de Soleil is going to be in town soon :)

The cats have a new play thingimayigy that I think Bea is going to review. Not sure if they will like it but they freaking better.

We have a couch, with double recliners!

Our place looks more and more like a home every day. We have put some of our pictures up and don’t have any more boxes to unpack. Big YeY!

So what is your crazy life like?

2 comments on “Crazy I tell you, Crazy

  1. Sounds like great fun! I will be working tomorrow and Sunday morning, typing old handwritten wartime letters into the computer, and then babysitting a 2.5 month old boy. Sunday I get to do market research on vodka and perfumes!!! Kinda a crazy weekend. And Wiley has a job interview next week, so there will also be picking out the clothes.

  2. Ha! I can’t wait to hear what Bea says about the new kitty condo — and pictures!

    I’m in Iowa right now visiting Brian’s folks and we’ll be here through next Friday. Actually, we’ll be going to Cedar Rapids Monday through Friday and see friends (we’re in a small town in NE Iowa now).

    Today we watched Ohio State beat Iowa in overtime and wore our Ohio State gear to town. lol

    AND I’m doing NaBloPoMo AND I’m trying to write 30 poems in the month of November. Crazy.

    We’ll all get together soon enough!

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