That words means mischievous in Spanish and it is the mood I am in today. I’ve had one of the most exciting work weeks in history. I thought I was gathering a lot of knowledge the past month, but things really have been kicking into high gear lately. So today my brain is about to explode and its making me super mischievous. Its not even 10 A.M. and I have already offered to procure a Voodoo doll, used the word debauchery, heck I even used the word procure in the sentence before.

Working from home is not as cool as people think it is. While it adds tons of flexibility to your day, it also means that you end up working a lot of hours. I have been logging quite a bit reacently and I am hoping it will slow down. After setting some boundaries myself I think its starting to level off.

I had worked from home plenty when I was in the consulting world, so I learned how to deal with it back then. The thing now is that since I am in learning mode, the time goes by way too quickly and I don’t even remember to check the clock. But like I said when the post started, I am in a very good mood today having accomplished more than seemed possible this week and already planning a pretty full week the following.

When working from home it is important to still keep your morning routine of getting ready for work. Also don’t forget to eat, even if you have to set up an alarm to do so.

One thing that helps me break the day up, is bathroom breaks. I have learned to drink water and if you do several glasses a day, which its healthy, it will help you make sure you get up and around. Tuesday and Wednesday I don’t think I moved from my chair for more than 4 hours and my back started not to like me much. This trick works well and I am good at doing it while at work, but I seem to forget about it when I am working from home.

This weekend I will be meeting up with some friends I have not seen in years, some of them since I went to Michigan. Thanks to facebook one just called me last night and we talked for quite a bit catching up. I am glad that the group actually stayed pretty close together and they are eager to go get a bite to eat. Also the motorcycle crows has grown to sizes I had seen on paper over the years still being a moderator of that forum but now the get meet ups are just insanely large. I have met with one of the other mods for lunch a couple of times and tonight we might be seeing a couple more for happy hour. There are still plenty of other people that still don’t know that I am back but I already have too many things going on and with the holidays I might just wait until the beginning of the year to contact some of them. Which also reminds me that I still need to set up dinner with Barb and her hubby. Its nice to reconnect with friends and being close to fully unpacked.

2 comments on “Pícaro

  1. Glad to see you in a great mood!

    You’re right: working from home actualy takes more discipline than cruising into the office. I use the water trick myself and – where possible – work out on the back porch…the external stilumus helps to keep me from falling into that office fugue that causes the hours to disappear. I mean, that sort of thing is fine from driving through Wyoming…yAWn…but not working.

    BONUS TIP! I find that if I debauch someone every day it keeps me on an even emtotional keel.

    I’m jes’ saying…

  2. Hey, that setting an alarm to remind yourself to eat is a great idea. I think I may borrow that one from you. Can’t wait to meet up with you and Bea — but no hurry. Get settled in first. :-)

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