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The new job is going great, no actually it is going awesome. The days go by so quickly because there is so much to do that I am putting more hours in than I have since I worked on the first start up back as a recent graduate, but I don’t even look at the clock. The work is not easy, it is pretty challenging and the list of requests is daunting, but the attitude of lets get as much done as we can the organization has makes it simple to jump on board and want to make a difference.

One of the things that has already made a huge difference here is that my friendliness is appreciated. The way we treat our customers (which in my case are all internal) is what makes this job so enjoyable. It is one of my directives to make sure people are being listened to as well as their needs met. I am glad that not only my technical skills are important but also my people skills.

Last week was specially busy with several deliverable by the team creeping up at the same time. I am glad that I can jump in and help out with some of them, but we were almost at the point of just letting one of the balls just drop because there was no other way. It was frustrating, but we have to do what we can with our current resources… I never realized how hard it can be to hire overseas help. After a long day of feeling like no matter how much we accomplished we were just going to be way off with timeliness, I decided to go have a second look at some small thing a user reported.

As it turns out the user had the issue before and it just kept on coming back months later. The issue seemed very random and nobody could reproduce it. The details are boring and it had something to do with working remotely, but I asked her to do something very simple next time she was working from home.

The next day rolled around and on top of all the other deadlines we had some hardware go bad. Coordinating vendors both for software and hardware is no easy task, and the day was just getting longer than it should have been. Then a message from that user popped up thanking me and the team for our diligence on staying on top of her program and how the simple steps I gave her made her able to work with no problem.

I think most of it was that her issue was resolved, but I think the personal touch of being able to listen to her issues and actually care to fix her problem made the difference. I think that being personable and establishing relationships with those that work around you should always be encouraged. You do not have to party with your coworkers every weekend, but being able to have conversations and really listen to them as people can make us IT people not seem like socially inept people that speak using binary code.

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  1. Being able to listen attentively and explain problems in ways that the user can understand, along with a touch of smart-ass humor has set me apart from a lot of the anti-social evil IT people out there. We’re not all the same. Some of us are better. I am the best. =)

  2. Me alegra que te diviertas en el nuevo trabajo. Yo escucho a los usuarios per hay algunos con los que es difícil.

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