Good Morning Glenview

For two days in a row we woke up in our new place. We are officially residents of Glenview IL. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get into the office in the morning, and even though we are currently living surrounded by many boxes waiting to be unpacked, we are home.

Driving back to the condo from my Mom’s place last night was when it hit me, we live in Chicago now and are not just visitiors anymore. When Bea asked if we should get something for breakfast on our way home, I told her we could go and pick up Colombian “empanadas” for breakfast. Even better is that we can go to Mekatos a Colombian bakery not too far from where we live.

Even though the Bears were handed a beatdown by the Bengals, I was watching the game with other Chicagoans. Driving down the streets I see people wearing orange and blue and businesses supporting the Bears. Its nice to spend a lazy afternoon on my Mom’s couch watching TV while everyone else naps.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time. Drove back down with Bea to pack up our house of 3 bedrooms with a full basement for storage; while trying to downsize it to a two bedroom condo. Even though I have moved even internationally before, this time I was actually driving the truck to the final destination and we were doing all of the packing. I compromised with my job and did the move ourselves while scoring a month’s worth of vacation a year, which to me seems to make more sense in the long run, my back begs to differ.

The biggest mistake of the week was while giving away my fish tank I decided that rather than empty it all, to leave some water in and use it as fish transport. I had moved the tank before almost empty, but 25% of the water proved to be a lot heavier than I calculated. I am not in pain anymore, but it felt like I had ripped some tendon around my elbow for the next 3 days. Thankfully from moving before I had learned plenty of packing tricks to make boxes a little less heavy. There is probably enough for a full post just about packing, so maybe I will do that later.

Without the help of some of our “stronger” friends we were able to pack in almost professional time. I cannot thank Phil, John, Andy, Celeste, Alicia, Sherrie and Robert enough. We even did some post packing gaming and played Pandemic which I LOVED! and just like that I managed to leave undefeated on the BSG Board Game! (mostly because we did not play the last night).

Driving up the rented truck was no small feat. I would have more respect for truck drivers now, but after several rear death experiences caused by them either blowing past me way over the speed limit or cutting me off I actually don’t like them very much anymore. Truckers know they cannot cut off a car because their acceleration will spell trouble, but I had more trucks cut me off than smaller cars. Overall driving with a load behind you is a horrible experience, you are at the mercy of wind currents, semitrucks wakes and people that make our nation’s highways their personal racetracks. Hundreds of dollars in gas later and probably a couple of gray hairs I earned we got here in good time.

Unloading was done yesterday and we were able to sleep in our own bed last night. Even though there is still tons of unpacking to do we are actually “moved in.” Its bitter sweet because we left Kansas City in a very rushed way, but I guess that is the way it was supposed to be. We have been lucky enough to already have someone visit us up here, and another one this week. I am looking forward to being able to have people visit and show them around Chicago.

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  1. Muhahahahahha! You are now within striking distance! =)

    You are also now less than 30 miles away from Sifu Chung’s school in Waukegan! Get on it!! =)

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