Spring Clean Up

Most people clean up their clutter during the spring. I personally don’t like to acquire stuff at all. I am not a pack rat, but I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. Thank God for my wife!

We are making progress on getting ready to move. Even though packing its going slow we are getting rid of stuff. We are almost done with the office which needed to be de-cluttered long ago, but I just could not do it. With her help we got ride of about 4 big large garbage bags worth of crap that I had stashed away in closet and about 4 boxes full of junk. I still kept a lot of the cables that I know will be useful and are expensive, but gone are the badly manually crimped cat5 cables that I kept just because.

I still had 3.5 diskettes that have not been inside of a computer for over 10 years. Most of it was from my college days when Travis would spend all night downloading the latest game from some sever in England… lol remember that. And then 14 disks later we were all playing GTA. Also my unreal collection of Zip disks that probably had every single build and fan made map of quake. While it would have been fun to find out what was in all those disks I would have never done it… I know because I tried before and quickly gave up. There was nothing on those old disks that I really need.

I think with our book, dvd and video game addition Bea and I have enough stuff to haul around. Getting rid of some of the stuff that was being kept for “sentimental” value felt liberating. Since I moved out of my parents house this will be the first time truly downsizing to a smaller place, and I have to say that being forced to get rid of stuff that I truly don’t need feels a lot better than I could ever have expected.

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  1. I recently got rid of some furniture and with it a ton of old junk that seemed important at the time. Some diskettes were still there but I am pretty sure they are all corrupted over time and who needs some ancient Norton AV on 6 disks.

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