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I love blogging because of the community you build with your circle. While thanks to the KC Bloggers I was able to expand my blogger circle quite a bit, reading Daniel and Will has always been a constant source of topics to expand on, agree with or disagree. One of the topics I have been wanting to discuss is art appreciation and how not everyone seems to like all types of art. It started with Dan posting poetry, which I like and appreciate, but not as much as other forms of art. Without getting into the branch of philosophy known as aesthetics and for this post’s discussion lets define forms of art as music, literature, sculpture, and paintings.

XO beat me to the punch and posted a very outspoken prose ode to poetry. Then Emawkc came back and told XO how it is and that thanks to him renouncing to his soul and turning atheist he was not able to appreciate poetry.

Funny that I happen to fall right in the middle of those two views… not quite sandwiched in, but I think they both have a point. Lets examine the following.

(Move my soul) Music – Literature – Paintings – Sculpture (I don’t get)

I admit it, sculpture do pretty much nothing for me. The most interesting thing in that genre besides some fountains is maybe just huge real life things like the shuttlecock on the lawn of the Nelson Atkins museum. Paintings also don’t transmit as much feeling into my brain as photos do. Some people see tons of stuff in a painting that are just beyond my comprehension. I could not be moved by a sculpture no matter how beautiful as I am by a melody or some well arranged words.

I am sure XO appreciates art in some level, and something has to get to his non existent soul once in a while. Now the question is, using this little scale I use give us your order… I wonder if it is purely a senses type of thing, or if culture plays into it. So lets see your answers.

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  1. I think this is a good post but you didn’t link to the bloggers that you mention. Therefore it’s a lazy post. You’re not a lazy blogger, you know better.

    Yes, I would like change for my 2 cents. Thank you.

  2. I’m with you, Logtar. Photography arrests my attention in ways that paintings don’t often do. Yet, when I see the actual works in person, my mind changes. For instance, I always thought Monet’s Water Lillies paintings were “meh” because they’d been limited to viewings on postcards or mousepads or cheap reproductions at Bed Bath & Beyond. Then I saw them in person and was blown away. Massive, layered, beautiful – how does someone DO that?!?

    Whatever I see, I try to appreciate every piece for what it is. I see the textures, the medium, the craftsmanship and try to take that in. It doesn’t always work. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life in art classes (from creating to appreciating) but I’ll be damned if I can ever connect the artist’s vision or reasons for creating the piece with whether I like it or not.

    I really do think it’s a matter of preference. People love Henry Moore’s sculptures and I think they look like big turds. I can still appreciate what went into it, though. Contrast that with architectural “sculpture” likes saints carved into stone on cathedrals and I’m enthralled.

    I actually think art crosses cultures and appreciation for it (or lack thereof) is universal.

  3. I think the degree to which we are able to appreciate the different art forms is partially a factor of the degree to which we are exposed to them.

    Many people (like myself) who were raised with a lot of music and literature in the house are better able to understand poetry and music. I think it takes some training and “exercise” to be able to fully appreciate the some of the more esoteric art forms.

  4. Leaving out the whole question of the soul, I have to say I don’t appreciate art to the degree that many do.

    I don’t really appreciate sculpture. I like some abstract paintings but don’t feel the need to own them. Poetry in general doesn’t do it for me despite admitting that some are kinda cool lyrically. Speaking lyrics I like music, but don’t live for it.

    I don’t feel I am missing out on anything. I enjoy reading and movies as my art. Storytelling you could say is my thing, or rather absorbing stories.

    I’ll close with the one kind of poetry that I do relate to at all, the haiku (because it is math as well as words)

    Feel not bad for me.
    I may not admire your art.
    But have my own loves.

  5. Music is probably my favorite art form. Like you I don’t get sculpture. Especially the sculptures randomly placed in my fair city. I love the written word and wished I was better at that art form. I used to paint but was never any good at it. In all I think my favorite art form is Rock Band Beatles. :)

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