First Day At Work

So the journey started on Saturday morning. I started the journey a little later than I wanted to but still early enough to get to the Chicagoland area before five. After an afternoon of getting food and catching up with the family I got tons of sleep. Sunday was a day of rest and getting ready for the week ahead.

If you have never been to Chicago, the city is overwhelmingly huge… but the Chicagoland area now extends from Chicago to Winsconsin and pretty much all the way to Joliet and almost all the way to Rockford. Just look at a map.

I know a lot of the Chicagoland area as if I was a cabbie, however the north side and suburbs beyond are kind of a black hole in my map. Sure I know Glenview because a friend from college used to live there, but we did not hang out there too much, only went there for great family cooked dinners. So besides on main street and a couple of bowling excursions with my northsider friends I used to see it as the exits you pass to get to Six Flags Great America.

I knew an hour drive today was pretty much a given, so I double that to make sure I had plenty of time. Surprisingly I did the trip from where my sister lives to the office with enouth time to spot for an actual sit down breakfast. I had missed family restaurants like the one I got to enjoy this morning.

I am working now for a large corporation, and just like in the past I am not going to tell you were exactly. Lets just say that they are global and have at least 3 letters on their name.

I met my supervisor who was nice enough to take me for a little lunch excursion, you cannot be mad at paid lunch. We discussed a lot of information that I am still digesting, but the coolest is that I can probably just telecommute on Fridays if I chose to. He does not come to the office every day and most of my team is all over the world, so besides one other person in my team most of the interaction will be technology based. I am pretty used to this from my time in the consulting world and love that there is no micromanaging. You know what you have to get done, as long as it is done there are no issues.

I will have to adjust my pace to a big company, which moves a lot slower in some aspects; like I am probably not going to be able to VPN until Wednesday, but already lighnight speed on others; I am already part of a huge number of projects and getting tons of e-mails.

It is a nice to be back in the content management world and the Senior Analyst does have a good ring to it.

8 comments on “First Day At Work

  1. My husband and I live on the northwest side. E-mail me whenever you and Bea would like to have dinner. :-) I’m glad you’re settling in to your new job and company.

  2. Sounds like an awesome job. I hate being micromanaged. I look forward to seeing you in the Chicago area somewhat soon!

  3. Nice first day on the job. Nice to know you’re a little bit closer to my area.
    3 letters… FOX?

  4. Congrats on the new job Log. We’ll have to look you up if/when we head over for the Chicago AVP event next summer!

  5. Sounds like an awesome job. I hate being micromanaged. I look forward to seeing you in the Chicago area somewhat soon!

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