The wife went ahead and bought me an xbox elite since they went down in price and my BFF has one. Now I join the legions of minions that have adquired one. Before a fanboy goes ahead and tells me that PS3 is better, I would have to agree… but I refuse to buy a blue ray player because I am not looking forward to replacing my DVD collection. I thought I would not become HD sobby, but sure enough, I dislike watching regular channels now and pretty much stay on the HD ones.

GAMERTAG is logtarDOTcom Click bellow to add me.

So in any case, go ahead and add me to your XBox friend list. I have Bioshock, Street Fighter and Prince of Persia so far… BF1943 and CoD WaW are what others are wanting me to play, but I might stay away from FPS action since I tried it and I did get some motion sickness… it might be because I have not played FPSs in a while.

In other gaming news we also picked up the Beatles Rockband for the Wii and enjoyed every second of pretending to be the Fab 4. Great game.

8 comments on “I HAZ XBoX

  1. You were right, and I was completely wrong, this system is excellent. Plus the latest elite is actually designed well.

  2. Great. I just bought that WiFi adapter for our regular 360 for my husband’s birthday so he can play CoD and actually save the progress. *sigh*

  3. Dude, welcome to xbox nation. I’ve been playing my PS3 more, but that is just because I’ve been going back and playing though Final Fantasy 8 since I haven’t beat it yet…

    Anyway, welcome… Did you get xbox live? What’s your gamertag? I can take a guess, but just let me know. :)

  4. I get motion sick from certain FPS games. I have no problems with BF 1943. My only problem is I die too quickly, but that is not a design flaw.

  5. I know it’s a bit off-topic, but for some reason I can’t get my Wii to connect to my home wifi network? Any ideas?

  6. Dood just wait intill you get the Red Ring of Death…. You will cry…. Good games to get that are out soon….
    Halo 3 OSDT
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Call of Duty modern warfare 2

    Though if you motion sickness…. You might not …..

    Bye cuz

  7. Dude, so I had to cancel my gold account, however I was cleaning my room up yesterday and found a one year gold card for xbox live… 😀

    We should play some games sometime my friend. :)

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