Sh!thole Cowtown

That Tony not only reads this blog, but that he actually links my sometimes opposite views on his tabloid news site has been flattering. He is one of the people that I looked forward to meeting because I wanted to know the person behind the satirical blog, but I wanted to dig deeper. I hope someday he lets me actually interview him, not because people will like him afterward, he never set out to be popular, but because there is probably a lot more about that crazy local personality in the blog sphere that what is portrayed in his writings.

He was nice enough to post a link to our departure post, and his first commenter was nice enough to inspire this post. He called KC a “sh!thole cowtown.”

I have lived in 3 US cities now, and let me tell you that even though Chicago is a great town, KC is really not that far behind. I actually think that KC is ahead in many levels.

When it comes to great food Chicago might have more food choices, but in all reality you pay a lot more for them. For 15 bucks you can have an excellent meal in KC, in Chicago you have to pay over 25 to get the similar quality. There is defiantly more high end places and choices in KC, but with resources like KC lunch spots there are many things that I am sure you still have not tried.

The airport here is AWESOME. It has a very simple design, you can find parking easily. You get in and out in no time, try to do that in O’hare or even Midway, I dare ya.

Traffic. I laugh when people think that there is traffic in KC. They don’t know what a 2 hour work commute looks like. Sure Chicago has the train system and it works great, but try to get anywhere near downtown even at 4 AM and you WILL hit traffic in Chicago.

Accessible Art and Music scene. You can find a lot more art in Chicago and their museums are excellent but they are both super expensive and horrible to get to. You park and you walk forever, here you can make it an afternoon trip and have dinner and see some good art. Add to this that artist here in town are people you can interact with, if you have not done so you are missing out. The music scene here is the same way, you can hear some good music and not have to pay a prohibitive entry price at the door. In Chicago there is a lot of stuff, but when it comes to being able to actually get to meet an artist it cannot touch First Fridays.

Air quality. You have no idea what pollution can do to your body until you have lived it. Be thankful for the great air and plenty of trees that you have around. Concrete jungle might look pretty but air quality truly sucks.

Winter… you guys don’t have winter here… enough said.

Pace of life. It is a lot more relaxed here, it will take Bea and I a bit to go back to big city mode even though she lived in a city about the same size as Chicago (Montreal). People yell a lot more, and more crunched for time, there is a lot more running… the rat race is just something I don’t really look forward to and hope I can keep as slow as it is here.

The thing that hands down is great about this city is its people. There are nice people here, from the waitres that actually has a conversation with you and knows you by name, from the people that still hold doors for you. The a$$wh0l3 ratio is a lot lower here. I am not looking forward to fighting for a parking spot all the time or have people hunk on their horns like they just bought a new la cucaracha ring tone for their rice burner.

6 comments on “Sh!thole Cowtown

  1. Chicago sports teams might suck as bad as KC, but at least people actually watch the Chicago teams. Seriously… the KC Royals?!? Players are only there for awhile, then move up to Jr. Varsity at their local High School.

  2. I’ve been to Chicago a few times and have enjoyed it. Chicago is very expensive though, especially for tourists. Food, hotel, attractions — I had to pay a ton for all of it. I don’t know what it’s like living there, but lately I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the taxes in Chicago as well.

  3. I know people who love Chicago, or LA or New York, or any major city. I know other people who will only ever live in their small home towns. To me KC is a nice mix, of the variety and possibilities of a big city with the slower more casual pace of a small town.

    But regardless of where you go, there you are. And Logtar, you will do well wherever you go. Oh, and I may have boxes for you guys if you don’t have enough yet.

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