Sweet Home Chicago

Today I turn in my resignation letter. I would be a liar if I said I was not happy about the prospect and new opportunities both Bea and I are about to face. It is however very sad to leave this city that I have now called home for the past 3 years. Even though Kansas City has become a very cool place because of its shopping and entertainment district, what made this place cool were the friends Bea and I made. Some of whom very quickly became our surrogate family and made sure our emotional well being was more than taken care of.

So before I get into anything else I want to say, THANK YOU, for being there for us and making us feel part of this community, “Gracias MIL!”

I am absolutely terrified to face Spyder, her and Bea are peas in a pod when they start speaking French and get to be Canadian to each other.

I cannot wait to have a game of BSG with Andy before I go, and hopefully leave this town undefeated!

I don’t know how I am going to deal with not being able to see Nuke because his encouragement and positive reinforcement have made me a much happier person.

I hope that Chimpo and Jen take tons of pictures of Loren because I was looking forward to seeing her grow up.

I am sorry that XO is going to have to look for another Pimp, I was not getting him much business anyway.

I am embarrassed that we did not make more time to spend with Michelle and Eric because we always enjoyed their company very much.

I won’t ever have lunch buddies like Lane and Toast, willing to show me their favorite places and not afraid to try new stuff.

I expect Mike and Kerstin making us come back in the future and having to dress up.

I am going to miss being able to say I know talented people like Celeste and her hubby.

I know that Banky and Linda will probably be the first ones we see up there while they visit family.

It rips my heart out that now that I met my BFF and his wife we have to be hours apart.

I better get to meet in person all of you (you know who you are) that I have not had the pleasure to do so already.

I will miss the twitter crowd(@joeypants @socreepy @princessofworld @jeffisageek @msgigglebox @arogersphotos @angelchrys @markvanbaale), and don’t forget that bloggers were here first and simply rock more :p

… but I have to be who I am and think of all the positive this is going to bring.

I get to be back close to my family and Chicago friends.

We get to come back to Kansas City as tourists. We are also going to be sure to have a place big enough for people to come and stay with us.

I know many of the friends we’ve made while living here will be friends for a lifetime.

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  1. OK, for the last time I am telling you I am not pissed (hehehe). I will miss you hermano, but I know this is a good move for you.

    In the meantime, speaking of lunch, I was talking to those 2 very people about getting together for Friday lunch. What do you say, you in?

  2. Logtar,

    I appreciate and am humbled that you mentioned the both of us by name. We value your friendship and will look you up in Chi-town.

    Best of luck to you and much love.

  3. good thing you will not miss me,so no heartbreak on my account. I suggest you rent one extra bedroom for all your so-called free-loading friends that will be hanging out at your place in Chicago from now on.

  4. Good luck Logtar and Bea! You guys have been an active part of the KC Blogging community and I know there are many who will miss you. I am going to convince you some day that I actually exist…

  5. Wow – that’s 3 great writers shouldering their way to Chicago in as many months.
    Congratulations on both the job and the move – from your posts I expect you guys will be happier in Chi-town. KC is a pleasant little burg, but it is not a true city in the best sense, though it does have a good grasp on parochialism…
    ; ‘ )
    Keep writing, both of you.

  6. Meesha, and whoever did not make the list, don’t take it personal… the people that made the list have either been to my place or I have been to theirs.

    I will miss you Meesha, but more interestingly you have already made it deeper into my personal web than others. You and burro interact with each other and I was part of the initial connection, that I think is ubber cool. Beyond that, you are also more than welcome to come and crash in one of your IKEA trips. Bea already ordered the freaking catalog.

    Also there are plenty of other people that don’t blog that are just as important as the ones on this list!

    That troll so called Shane is made up!

  7. I was floored to see you two were moving! You’ve left a wonderful legacy here in Kansas City and will be missed. Best of luck in Chicago!

  8. I usually stay in expensive hotels when I am there :-) but the reverse is true, you are welcome to stay here on my brand new costco couch.I have an extra catalog I brought back yesterday,Bea can have it

  9. Best of luck with the move. My health is improving so I’m MUCH more likely to be able to meet you and Bea, which I’ve been looking forward to for years. Plus you won’t just be breezing through. :)

  10. I’m jealous that you are moving to Chicago! There are so many more fun things to do there than there are here in KC. Don’t get me wrong, I love KC, but Chicago has OPTIONS! You’ll have to have a bag of cheese/caramel popcorn from Garrett’s for me.

  11. To say that the two of you will definitely be missed around KC would be a big understatement. I wish I could make it out to your farewell party next week, but working night shift isn’t exactly conducive to evening plans. I’ll most certainly be there with you all in spirit. Best of luck with the new journey, both in job and in life. You’ll always have the family back here in Kansas City.

  12. Just wanted to say God Bless and glad you made it home safely. Your perspective on KC will be missed greatly.

  13. Well, the odds of Mark L and myself visiting you in the future just went up a whole lot. Not sure if that is good or bad for you though =)

  14. Congrats on your news, bro. Wait a minute… you didn’t even ask us back here in Illinois if we even want you back. =)

  15. I can speak for both of us when I say that Mike and I will miss you both so much! You have provided us with so much support, and for that we are truly grateful. I know I’ll never forget my first salsa dancing experience with you for the rest of my life, John! You’ve really got the moves! You’ll have to cut in on Mike and dance with me at the wedding someday. I promise you’ll be one of the first people to know when that happy chapter begins. :)

  16. I never said I was pissed. I said I wasn’t happy. There is a difference. We love you & Bea. And yes having Bea here was like having one of my sisters here(without the parental stress). It’s not just the talking french. I know people who speak french. Bea has lived there. She knows. I can’t put into words clearly. I will miss you both. And wish you all kinds of success & happiness. J’vous aime tous les deux!

  17. Logtar, Thanks for the mention on Twitter people you will miss. I didn’t get to know you as much as I wish I could have, but I wish you and Bea the very best in Chicago.

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