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Life is full of questions, the funny part is that it is also full of answers. Most people try to find the meaning to their life on their jobs, their religion, what surrounds them, but they seldom find a definitive answer. People love to question things, but when it comes to answers, seeking the truth becomes very subjective.

I have done my share of searching and in the past days I have received many answers, but a busload of more questions closely followed.

I received a huge compliment from someone I work with, to paraphrase what was said, I was told that I am willing to always evaluate myself and eager that better myself. It was a great because I constantly strive for self actualization and know that I have lots to learn about a lot of areas both professionally and in life. It was nice to see someone recognizing that I do try hard to do this, but most importantly that it shows. A part of having character is being able to admit and work on your flaw instead of hiding them or hiding behind them. The situation answered the question of “are people really noticing that I am trying hard?” but it opened up a new door to, “What other areas can I improve on?”

Recently I had to let go of another friendship. Trust is something so powerful yet so easily shattered. I will never understand why people use others to justify their views or opinions. Most gossip is created this way because instead of people saying, hey X is an #$#% they say, so and so said that X is an #$#%. The he said/she said game is so often played I wish people would just be up front about what they say. The situation answered a question I had never posed fully, “Can this person be trusted?” but it opened up a whole series of questions, “Why do people not value friendship and trust?”

Letting go of someone you thought was a friend is not a loss, you are always better off being surrounded by people that you can fully trust and that bring positive things into your life rather than drama. The question of “Is this person really worth my time?” which is one that I regrettably did not ask enough in the past is quickly answered. The new question is, “What makes some people so unhappy, insecure, or just detached, that they lose respect for the friendship or the people?” “Do people even care if someone else feels disrespected simply because their standards or morals are different?”

Religion is something personal, something some of us have and some others don’t want. Many intellectual conversations I had engaged on make people with no faith have a sense of superiority or enlightening when they chose that path. Faith carries me through the day, the week, my life. My faith has answered the question of “Why are we here?” with a simple “To love one another.” Being a believe though opens up so many questions, “Why are people of “faith” so so ready to hate?” (quotation marks inside of quotes seems redundant but necessary)

To love one another, to have true friendships, to have true relationships, to have a family, to make your friends your family… I think all of those are answers, and at least in my life, finding true relationships not only answers some questions, it stops many of them coming all together.

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  1. Sorry you had to let go of another friendship, but it’s good to purge the ones that have changed to the point that you don’t need/want them around anymore. It’s so easy to think that drama should be part of one’s life – look at all the dramas on TV! A friend of mine at work has drama in her life and mentions it to me from time to time, and I get so tired, literally exhausted, from her stories, that I stop and ask her why she has so many dramatic people in her life. Are they really worth it? Right now, I guess she thinks so, but she is pretty young still. Maybe for some people, it’s about quantity and not quality, but that’s what age gets us: wisdom to know the difference.

  2. I’ve never had any faith. I don’t know if this has had any effect on me or not. I haven’t seen any reason to believe, but I have seen many people (including you) that faith has had a positive effects. What gets me through the day is the knowledge that I have great people I care about around me.

  3. “seeking the truth becomes very subjective” and Faith is all about individual truth. Many individuals may even have vary similar faiths/truths but at the end of the day every persons relationship with the divine is individual.
    I think that is why so many people find it easy to hate. They sense different truths and and fear them. Individuals that are strong in their own faith are very seldom fearful of others and their truths. These people, regardless of religious affiliation, are usually able to discuss their differences with others and are willing to share with those who are looking for their answers. Those that are insecure become fearful and lash out.
    As for the questions around your friendship, I don’t have or need all the facts. You have my sympathy because I know what friends mean to you, and how much loosing one would bum you.

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