An Award Just Hit Me

Best personal blog in Kansas city? Just as I was about to post one of the things I have been writting and expanding on I get a very weird e-mail. At first I thought it was simple spam, but then I saw that the url was actual and not some link that promised to make me rich via Nigeria. I guess I am the “Best Blog in KC 2009.” or at least just the first and best personal blog. I read the post and I saw that the writing is good but I did not recognize it. The only thing I can tell from the e-mail address is that they are Sienfield fans.

My favorite part about the award post is

The blog also sports clean design and organization (favored indulgences of The Editors), as well as a gratifying lack of blinking gewgaws, polls and other useless crap (dark beasts, one and all).

lol I had never heard of gewgaws before! lol I think I have a favorite word of the week. If someone can help me with how to pronounce it without offending Meesha, give me a call.

Some of my favorite blogs got honorable mentions :) Frighteningly Uncommon Sense and Hip Suburban White Guy, and even one I had not bumped into before Curb Girl. If anything I am excited that we have a place to find new KC blogs :)

Thanks for the award!

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8 comments on “An Award Just Hit Me

  1. Actually, the “blinking gewgaws” is a sexually transmitted disease that infects the toenails. It’s good that you don’t have them.

    Congrats on the award, though. It couldn’t have happened to a worse bowler (unless it happened to me, I suppose).

  2. You’d think if you are going to make a blog dedicated to giving out awards, you might actually put an effort into designing the award. That thing looks awful.

  3. You do good give good blog, but in the immortal words of Han Solo “Don’t get cocky kid!”

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