Dad and I

This past weekend I had the chance to watch the match between Brazil and the USA national teams for FIFA’s Confederations Cup with my father. My Dad and I have very different styles of watching sports. He likes to concentrate on the action and rarely shows emotion. I yell at every single play, close call, referee mess up, heck even commercials. He has also taught me quite a bit about the sport and its strategy.

I was rooting for Brazil since it is my second favorite national team after Colombia, the US actually comes third. My father said that Brazil need to spread the USA team because going down the middle was just not working. Sure enough that was what Brazil started to do. Brazil did its thing and showed the US that even though Donovan and Howard are amazing players, they cannot win the game alone… you truly need 11 exceptional players when it comes to international play. I was also amazed that the US still does not seem to have ball handling down and they don’t go one on one trying to beat players with footwork. I need to watch the USA team play a little more and see if it was just respect for the superior footwork that Brazil has historically displayed.

It was an excellent match and I was very pleased with the outcome. My Dad watches a lot more soccer than I do, so it was probably not as exceptional of a game for him as it was for me.

Being with him, talking about soccer made me realize how much soccer has been a part of our life together. Most of the time we have spent just him and I has been around soccer. Either weekends going to watch him play on his company’s team, or going to the stadium to see his favorite team, which I inherited, Deportivo Cali.

One of the things that I would like to do in life is to take my Dad to a world cup. South Africa is next, but after that it is going to be Brazil. It is hard to predict the future, but it would be awesome if I could arrange that somehow. It will be a big change to take him to a world cup from when he used to take me when I was a kid and I would annoy the crap out of him not watching the match and being more interested on the junk food surrounding us.