I Want You to Want Me!

Last night we got to go see Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard. It was an amazing show, for sure on the top 3 of the ones I have had the luck to see at the Sprint Center. All of the bands truly rocked and made me appreciate 80s rock more, maybe nostalgia is setting in and I have forgotten that hair band type of rock was replaced in my collection with alternative in the 90s. While the music is not my every day cup of tea, all of the bands played for the audience, just hits pretty much the whole time.

Not to detract from the other bands but OMG Cheap Trick has to be one of the best bands I have seen play. They look like they are having lots of fun up there and the music sounded outstanding. Then my second favorite was for sure Def Leppard, because you cannot help but be amazed at how cool it is that a drummer without an arm can rock more than some that have both! They sounded probably the closest to their actual original recordings than any band I have seen in concert, but I enjoy more when bands kind of change things up a bit more. Poison was not bad by any means, they did not looked washed up at all and rocked.

Overall the show was good. I still think that the acoustics in the Sprint Center are not the best for a concert and it ends up being more in the loud side of things, but it was a good night. The down town area seems to be looking better and better every time I get out there. Great show for sure.

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  1. My wife’s favorite band (well, beside the Beatles) is Cheap Trick. She see them every chance she gets. “Live at Budokan” has to have the best live tracks of any band ever (well, maybe Foghat comes close)

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