Colombian Independence

We are 10* 1 year away from the 200th anniversary of Colombia’s independence from Spain today. Simón Bolívar became the first president of Colombia in 1819, but Independence was declared July 20th 1810.* Today Colombians all over the world remember the reason our flag has 3 stripes. The first one, yellow represent all the natural resources and rich soil or our nation. The second, blue represents the two oceans that our nation touches. The last one is the red, which represents all the blood that was shed and is still being shed in the name of freedom.

*Correction – Thanks to Mafe.

As proud as I am of becoming an American by obtaining citizenship, I am of having been born in such a beautiful land as Colombia. I am proud of where I came from and try to show that Colombians are more than violent drug lords, which are a minority that has left a mark in our country’s image.

Today I want to share some facts with you about the land that I grew up on.

Colombia is FIRST on the world
And Coffee Quality

Varieties if Palm trees
Anfibians (583 species)
Bamboo production
Orquids (3500 species)
and Tropical Birds (1815 species)

Colombia is SECOND:
In Coffee production (Brazil is actually first)
In Exporting agricultural products to the USA
Butierflies (300 families y 14000 species)

And that is not all:
It has the closest snow covered mountain to the sea (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta).
As well as one of the biggest bio diversities in the world.

But its most important resource is its people, hard working, craving peace and wants to make not just a better country but a better world.

Happy Independence Day Colombia!

5 Responses to Colombian Independence

  1. also leading in the number of space-shuttles named after it. now that’s funny

  2. It’s funny how while living in Colombia our Independence day was a Happy non-work-lazy-holiday, but now that I’m far away it feels “funny”.
    Even though I have plenty of fun and nice things here with me I miss some others that I know I can’t find anywhere but in COLOMBIA: family, old friends, the most beautiful landscapes and the most-est (not a word, I know) delicious food in the planet (ajiaco, arepas, lechona, Hamburguesas del Corral…. ay!)

    … that’s not funny.

    Happy independence day!
    *and thanks for the cameo!*

  3. A couple of more fixed Amphibians, Orchids

  4. Hi John.

    You may remember what I wrote about this same issue more than a year ago:

    I also love Colombia. I’m counting each day I’ve to wait to Xmas, when I’ll go there to my brother in law’s wedding :)

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