Darn it freaking tree huggers! you sent a double agent to make me fall in love with her and she is slowly converting me to being one of you. Minus the tree hugging of course, I will go as far as to talk to plants but not get physical.

I first heard the term pescatarian from Daniel, and have since met a couple of them. These creatures don’t eat “carne” only fish. I have no problem giving up my consumption of beef, pork or chicken, but I do like fish. Sushi is yummy, shrimp (or Shramp its Southern and slightly looser cousin) is one of one of my favorite sea kittens to eat and I am not doing this for peta, but for the good of the planet… and mostly my arteries.

I think what has also helped is being around so many vegetarians lately. That and the availability of great Asian food here in town has made it simple to eat without meat and still be satisfied. I used to be someone who’s meal did not look right if it did not a have some kind of meat on it. I still think that most salads are rabbit food, but places like Spin Pizza with their awesome salads have made me see it a lot different. I love spinach based salads more than lettuce for sure.

My family has a history of heart problems. I have already taken cholesterol lowering medicine and well, animal fat is going to do some serious harm unless I consume lots less. The other reason is that there are people starving in the world and food that could be feeding them is going to feed cows to be consumed by humans at a pretty alarming rate. Also meat is so low quality in most places in the US that it does not even taste like real meat. I had to get used to the taste of meat here in the US when I moved up from Colombia, and it still does not taste quite right most of the time.

So lately I’ve been trying new meals that have no meat. What pushed me over the edge was the stir fry that my wife made yesterday with tofu (OMGBBQ). I am lucky that I married someone that can cook better than I do! it was freaking delicious. I have also had some awesome tofu on my miso soup and the fried tofu with awesome sauce from Blue Koi. I almost bought tofurkey sausage yesterday while visiting “the evil” wholefoods. (that is for another post)

I am not going to be super strict, I will have meat when it is the only thing available or when I crave it. I will still eat steak at my family’s BBQs. However, I do plan on lowering the amount of meat intake in my diet. I already have lowered my meat intake considerably over the past month. I honestly feel better about it in many levels. The key to making changes on your diet is to commit to a full life style change. And I am very excited to go in this direction.

9 comments on “I LOVE TOFU

  1. Is this your clever way of taking a buddy into Subway and not getting strange looks when asking for a sandwich with “no meat?”

    We have canine teeth for a reason, and it’s not to eat tofu products meant to look/taste like actual meat products. Be choosy about where you get your meat from. Eat in moderation.

  2. I know all about the “tofu takes on the flavors it is prepared with” bit, but I have ALWAYS been let down when having it.

    I respect your reasons for going vegi or pesci or whatever, but I cannot do it. Most times I would rather have a meat dish than desserts. Maybe if I liked a wider range of vegetables it would help, but I don’t. And tofu plain pisses me off in it’s inability to be tasty.

    But you know you will still be my bro even if you are a scrawny pasty wussy eggplant sucker!

  3. Personally, I hate everything about tofu: the pretentiousness that often times comes with it (at least here in Sonoma County), the texture, the lack of flavor (in general, I have seen flavored kinds), etc.

    The only way I have ever enjoyed tofu has been in some ricotta, tofu and spinach-stuffed pasta shells that my mother-in-law makes.

  4. Dude, don’t lower your intake of meat…..increase your intake of kung fu!! =)

    By the way, aren’t you evil or something for eating fish and contributing to the overfishing of our oceans and lakes?? 😉

  5. You know, when I saw this post was titled I love to FU . . . I thought it was going to be much sexier. Still, very informative.

  6. We have a Russian word for that- “pussy-whipped”, I am not sure if it translates directly. Also no matter how much disgusting tofu you will eat, starving people in Africa will not receive the unused cattle food. Lastly, I always enjoy when people who are not willing to go all the way come up with a special title for themselves i.e. eggs-but-no-bacon-eatrian etc.

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