To Die Alone

Something has always pissed me off about this society, and I was reminded of it again when I heard the news of another friend from a company I used to work at not being with us anymore. Besides the sadness that he is not with us anymore, it makes me feel even sadder that he died alone to be found by a coworker when he did not show up to work on Monday. He had some dental work done and apparently it got infected bad.

Al was a great guy and we shared many beers together when I was back in Michigan. He was someone that really helped navigate the bureaucracy of the company when I first started and everything he shared held truth. He was a huge metal fan and even was part of a radio show. The shirt that I wear all the time with Chimps rule on the back was a gift from him. Sadly the sites that host that stuff are not working and he is not here with us to bring them back up.

What really ticks me off is that he died alone. I am not blaming anyone for not saving him, or even saying that he should have called someone, but just being pissed off about towards this culture. Sure, people might think that latinos are just too much on everyone’s business, but trust me in Colombia if someone is sick the whole freaking block knows it and chicken soup will parade. The first chapter of Outliers talks about how a town here that kept its culture from back in Italy made everyone that lived there healthier and happier. What was it? a culture of everyone being a true community.

I have seen this behavior over and over in this country. Call me a culture snob if you want, in this case I truly don’t care. When the going gets tough people close up, they don’t share their problems or even their grief. People don’t talk about things, don’t say they are sad, don’t talk about how they feel. People walk around saying “how are you?” and never meaning he question.

When I leave this earth I want to be either surrounded by friends and family or found by someone close to me. I never, EVER want to be found by someone that they sent from work to check up on why I did not show up on Monday.

Rest in Peace AL. You were well liked by everyone around you, even when you argued that Wrestling was real 😉 I miss you brother.

8 comments on “To Die Alone

  1. He truly will be. He was always a good guy to reflect on the days at CMU. We had a lot of the same crappy profs together. Fire up Chips!

  2. What do you mean wrestling’s not real? 😉

    Maybe some culture has it right, where people aren’t in your business all the time but know when you need something and will help out. When you find it, you let me know.

  3. I am a big supporter of keeping one’s misery contained. If you need chicken soup I’ll bring some, otherwise each person/family has to deal with their own troubles.

  4. I am guilty of closing myself off and not meaning the question “how are you?” from time to time…

    I’ll try to do better.

    Sorry to hear about Al. :(

  5. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. It is sad that he was discovered the way that he was. As outgoing and helpful as he was, it is hard to imagine that nobody missed him earlier. Some people just don’t share all the negative in their life. Some times they don’t share the positive either. People like that forget the meaning they have to those around them. All seems to have meant more than he knew.

  6. I went to the viewing last night. It was sad to see such and animated guy just laying there. He may have died alone, but he had many, many friends there last night.

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