Totally freaking confused! Well, actually more thankful than confused, but still.

Dan is someone I admire in many levels. I always want to say that I want to be like him when I grow up, but I should not be calling all someone that just complemented me so much, old.

Now he goes and freaking does something like this… and what I am to fraking do? (sorry, Bea and I are watching BSG from episode one)

Friends like Daniel, Nuke, and Travis who have always appreciated what I share and have told me by either refuting a point or just letting me know themselves that what I write has value; makes me feel awesome about having this space to share ideas with. Now this dude supposedly Gone Mild, went wild and posted something like this. Thank you Dan, truly !un million de gracias!

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  1. You give good blog dude, Dan is just recognizing.

    Dan has always seemed to me to be a stand up guy. Even when we don’t agree I find that he is true and loyal to people/causes. He’s a good writer, and of course being an award winning beer brewer is a plus! Anyway my point is that he always speaks his mind, and I couldn’t agree more with his post.

  2. Your blog is very goodly. But, Im still pissed at you for leaving michigan. And the incident at Los Quatros and the picture of me in the sombrero.

  3. Dude, I read what he wrote and I have to agree, you are one hell of a guy. I’m glad we got to meet and I’m glad I have so much stuff to get caught up on. :)

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