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Union Station and I got to a rocky start when the post I made about bodies revealed created some discussion. I still hold my stance on that topic, but when we were invited to a sneak peak into the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition I had to give it a try.

The first thing I want to say about Union Station is that I am sorry that I did not visit it earlier. Because I commuted into downtown Chicago for a while, I though Union Station was pretty much the same thing. I was very wrong. Union Station has Science City and a Planetarium. It also includes the bar/restaurant hang out area that I was expecting, just like the Union Station in Chicago.

Parking is very convenient and cheap, heck if you time it correctly you can probably park for free. I do warn you, like most exhibitions it ends right into a gift shop with tons of cool stuff that kids are going to want, budget accordingly.

I do have to do a little disclaimer and say that I love the writings of C.S. Lewis, so that might have made the experience a little better for me. They had some of his stuff there to see, and they do talk about him in the beginning of the little tour. Who would have guessed that he was an Einstein fan. 😉

The exhibition is very well put together and has Disney written all over it, but in a good way. I can imagine kids being extremely excited not just to be there, but to be able to touch some of the props they have from the movie. While most of the tour is geared towards fun for the kids and fans of the movie, there is a lot of learning involved too.

If your kids have seen the movie, this is a perfect thing to take them too. Prices are great, specially for groups. I think a mini movie marathon before going to the exhibit would make a kid super happy! Now that kids are out of school, this is probably the perfect way to spend a fun filled day.

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  1. I’m squealing with jealousy! I’m so excited to see this. I’ve read all the books (ironically when I was an adult. Never got past The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe as a kid) and seen both movies. I’m glad to hear you report it’s “good” Disney and not “bad” Disney. It can go either way. I hate it when it’s too commercial and the magic gets lost. Thanks for the report. PS…go see one of the theatre shows at City Stage. Many of them are FABULOUS. If you need a recommendation before you go, let me know and I’ll tell you privately which will be good and which won’t. 😉

  2. If you have read C.S. Lewis, you have to read his less well known, “The Screwtape Letters”. It is a short book but wow is it good. Gives you a whole new way of looking at life!

    Anyone read it before?

  3. “The Screwtape Letters” was definitely an interesting read. Wasn’t there 2 or 3 books in that series?

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