The Interview

One of the aspects of journalism that has always fascinated me is the interview. I admire good reporters that can get information out of people that they might not want to give out. I enjoy the cat and mouse game that is played during an investigative interview. I also enjoy relaxed interviews and find weird shows like “the true Hollywood story” where they completely remove the interviewer’s questions.

I have been watching morning television for a while. I used to watch the Spanish channel’s morning show for years. I would get my weather online the night before so there was no need for local news. Weather here in KC changes so quickly that a look at what the day might bring before I leave out the door is actually useful. So I started watching the morning show which injects local weather right into their broadcast.

It has been an interesting experience because of their interviews. Celebrities peddling their latest project look like they are still sleeping. They are in a daze so deep sometimes that they are only somewhat aware that they are on TV.

Those are not the ones that entertain me the most. The celebrities are used to being interviewed so they enter an almost robotic state where they spew out canned answers probably crafted by some publicist. Regular people are the ones that just seem to be caught off guard when the camera begins to roll and their tongue gets all tangled.

Once in a while the interviewer can snap them out, but most of the time it becomes a monosyllables game. The interviewer trows the slowest ball about the subject or situation and anyone with a functioning brain can hit it out of the park, however the trance is not broken so they go to phase two. I call phase two when the interviewer actually spells out the answer for the person in order to get them talking again. This attempt I think fails the most and people just sit there looking at the camera like it hypnotized them completely.

I can almost hear the director in the background saying something like “we got a sleeper.” or maybe a producer saying “I swear I prepped them, I swear they were talking before.” Overall is just simply amusing to me, but it makes me appreciate the work that the interviewer does that much more.

Star Trek (****)

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When I saw Star Wars when I was a kid my mind was expanded, my imagination ran wild and all I wanted was for that little training lazer ball thingie to be real and me to be able to be trained during my Jedi training by it with Yoda supervising. When the prequels were about to come out on theater I had great expectations, one of the biggest mistakes you can do when going to a movie, and the movie was a total letdown. I learned later in life that transformers was just meant as an infomercial with a story to sell toys, but to have Star Wars become the same thing was pretty sad.

When it comes to movies, I sometimes set myself up for letdowns. I have been pretty excited to see what they did with Star Trek since I wrote about the cast being announced back in 07. I knew some of the actors, and was very excited to see what Zachari Quinto and Simon Pegg were going to do with their roles.

Since watching the Star Wars remakes I had started to get used to the idea that I was not able to tap into my inner child to enjoy movies anymore. Even the latest Indiana Jones did not excite my imagination as much as the older ones did. I thought that the Matrix and Blade were going to be the last movies that I would get truly excited about and chucked Transformers coolness to pure sentimentalism for one of my favorite morning cartoons. I figured I would never get goose bumps during a movie again, and that my inner child only came out to play video games.

Then I watched Star Trek this weekend.

Saying that this movie blows StarWars latest trilogy out of the galaxy would be an understatement for the ages. This is entertainment in its best form. Great writing, Great acting, Great special effects… the Summer blockbuster is BACK. I will not talk about the movie or its plot, because you deserve to see it untainted! go see it this week, go to the IMAX, go and experience what I think would be one of the best movies of the year! What are you waiting for?

Mother’s Day

Some years ago I was in the middle of one of the hardest periods of my life. I had alienated my friends and family to a point that feeling alone was almost normal. Then my mother sent me a simple e-mail with some words that were supposed to simply be encouraging but they were my life line, the beginning of getting my sanity again, a step towards making my life better.

That is what mother means to me, someone that with simple words can make the world you sometimes help break into a million pieces back whole again!

Happy Mother’s Day.

Root for the home team!


I learned to dislike band wagon jumpers during the 90’s thanks to Bret Favre and his cheese heads. You have no idea how many people from the Chicago area automatically became Packers fans. While it did get me more interested in football, it did create a solid dislike for that team. It is great to have a good rivalry in sports… then you move!

Barcelona beating Chelsea is not easy thing to do, but they did it and they are now going to face Manchester United. To the people that don’t follow soccer it means nothing, I could be pulling names out of a hat. It is very significant for these clubs to be playing in the UEFA cup. It will be an exciting match to watch, however, those are two of my favorite soccer teams.

When I lived in Michigan I did not pick up any teams to root for, and it was not because they all sucked, the Pistons did win a championship while I was there. However, since Jordan left the game I have not cared much for basketball. This season is the first time that I even payed attention as the Bulls made a run that almost took the Celtics out… but that fizzled.

I have seen both the Royals and the Chiefs play in their side to side stadiums now a couple of times each. I also saw the Royals crush Detroit last time I was there. I saw Greinke do some amazing pitching and enjoyed every second of that game. I have been toying with the idea of actually picking up the teams, both of them as teams I root for… but until I heard of Barca vs Man U I did not make the decision final.

The Bears are my favorite football team and well, you cannot understand what being a Cubs fan is like unless you are one and have been to Wrigley field. However, they are both in different divisions than both the Chiefs and the Royals. The probability of the teams facing each other in a final is possible and maybe even probable this season, but the decision is not a hard one. I know who I would be rooting for.

As Barca faces Man U I will be wearing my Barcelona shirt. The decision was simple to make, it did not require thinking. So I am officially becoming both a Royals and Chiefs fan… and I hope I don’t catch any heat for jumping in the Royals bandwagon, but come on, how can you blame me… This Saturday it could be SEVEN! Go Royals!

Advertising and Social Media

One of the first questions that I get from a web savvy person when they see the stats for not just my blog, but the other sites I webmaster is why don’t you monetize it? The answer is quite loaded, since I do have google ads running on a couple of the sites and I have thought about putting more banners here and there. The short answer is because I don’t want this to become work. While I am totally open to the idea of using my web knowledge to make a company’s web presence more successful, taking the “Logtar” brand and making money with it might take some of the cool personal and social aspect away from it. I don’t have to answer to anyone and can post pretty much about anything I want.

That said, I believe that business using social media to reach their customers is one of the best thing that could have happened to advertisement in years. I have felt the advertisement world has been sick for quite some time. I was always annoyed by commercials where at the end I had no clue what the product was even if I could retell the commercial like I wrote the script. Unless they were going for full subliminal, I thought they were not doing a good job at all. Don’t even get me started with what I think of advertisement via blinking banners on the internet.

While Meesha is still very skeptical of the whole thing and pretty much feels like he is being attacked by all fronts from people trying to sell him stuff he does not want. I see the complete opposite. I see myself being closer to the product development and enhancement process than I ever have before. I feel empowered to not just #unfollow a shameless advertiser in twitter, but to support a company that is doing things right by talking about them. I do believe that social media finally earned its 2.0 with being the digital age word of mouth.

Being invited to the blogger/twitter preview of the AMC Mainstreet made me want to go again. It had nothing to do with me being given a free quesadilla or the ability to see a movie before its even on wide release, it had everything to do with the superior movite watching experience they offered. I am glad I gave AMC as a company a second chance because they had really lost me after a visit to the Fork and Screen.

Posting about something even in a negative manner still ranks the online presence higher. Being able to voice my opinion is powerful when you have an audience, and I feel that here in KC the local blogger/twitter group is raising the coolness level of this city. I have learned about more good places to visit in a short period of time than if I would have just visited the travel guide suggestions. I know some people like Meesha want to try everything for themselves first, but I don’t want to try a horrible place if someone else already had the bad experience. I have been told that I saved people a movie ticket with a movie review or at least made them wait until it became a rental.

I don’t think what social media is doing locally or even in a global scale is going to be easily manipulated. I don’t think a free sample makes you obligated to like something you would not already liked in the first place. At least from the places that have contacted me for a review yet, none have come with a “must talk positive about our product” rule, in fact most have wanted a very honest opinion in an effort to make their service of product better.