First Annual KCBvsT

Welcome to the first annual Kansas City Bloggers vs Twitters competition.

We had initially thought Laser Tag would be the best event to keep the geeks from having to take oxygen, but after The D stepped in and scared the twitters with his military background and my fear that he will go into “combat mode” and just Chuck Norris us all in the battle field, we have switched this year’s event to be Whirly Ball.

Honestly I looked into the local Laser tag centers and it seems that they are all way too run down. I even thought about the offer from @wrytir to have it be dodgeball, but I don’t think 140 characters would be enough for the twitters to cry about balls flying at high speed to their faces.

The Place is going to be Power Play in Shawnee Mission
The Date is TBD
The Time is TBD. < - No excuses, be on time because we only have the court for an hour! All the participants need to contact me via e-mail at logtar(at)gmail-dot-com for some more detail$ I have placed the wafflers (Shane and the D) mainly because of Shane's re-branding, that just makes him an automatic twitter. There is still time to sign up! so join your team and let the smack talk begin! The teams for #KCBvsT stand as follows

Bloggers Twitters
Logtar @wrytir
Sponge @duckman1221
Betizuka @JohninKC
A Librarian @JeffIsAGeek
Faith @arogersphotos
Average Jane @kcklo63
Chimpotle @hoopstar311
Meesha @Vivid13
T-Rave @whitneymathews
The D @ShaneAdams

10 comments on “First Annual KCBvsT

  1. Daddy’s in.

    I’m a mercenary though. I’ll play for whoever can hook me up with the coolest swag.

  2. Unfortunately I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that. I have an 8:30 softball game in Gladstone. Anyone know if it’s supposed to rain next week?

  3. I’ll have to see what the odds are of making it happen, but my work schedule generally makes doing evening events during the week next to impossible.

  4. Ok, did anyone else watch the video of the Whirley ball game in “action”? It looks fun…and somewhat frustrating. Which is the story of my life. I’ll be there on time! (I have to warn, though, it looks like a game I will be truly terrible at.)

  5. Regarding dodgeball, I’m not so sure that those tweet people really would complain about balls in their face. Just sayin’.

  6. I love whirlyball! What if I am a blogger *and* and Twitterer? Would be hard for us to get way out there by 6pm, though.

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