Bloggers vs Twitters

The Challenge!

I think Bloggers RULE! and Twitters are just a FAD! Well, maybe not really but I had to come up with some cool fighting words!

The idea is that we should have a friendly competition between the two groups here in KC, and since I don’t think many people would sign up for a paintball all out WAR, I am calling for a simple LASER TAG match. Time, Date and Place to be determined.

The rules would be simple, if you have both twitter and a blog you can pick sides. I of course will be on the blogger side and I am openly challenging @JeffIsAGeek to command the twitter people!

So what do people win?

If the bloggers win the match, the twitters would have to tweet about each one of our post for a month as well as comments.

If the twitters win, we would have to write a blog post dedicated to a twitter, be their company, an interview, a post that they get to chose the topic of.

The matchups would be randomly selected out of a had from the people that compete.

Sign up here. I believe most laser tag places do 12 on 12, but once I have the list of participants I will call around and set it all up. So pledge your affiliation here and lets see who rules the KC Social Media WEB!

*Update* – Use the Hash #KCBvsT
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More details on this event will be discussed at this Month’s Blogger/Twitter Meetup!

29 Responses to Bloggers vs Twitters

  1. um, well I’m in – think I’m more of a twitterer these days, but would battle for either side. I’ll be gone June and July so I’ll probably miss out anyway . . . :)

  2. Hmm I like the concept. I doubt I can join (damn knees are getting better, but not THAT good) but would totally be a blogger.

    I would totally come and be a fat, male, non skirt wearing, sitting and drinking a beer, cheerleader tho!

  3. It’s on like donkey Kong, and yes I’m a twitterer!

  4. Ivan Drago: “You will lose”

  5. Add another to the Twitter faction…the gauntlet has been thrown. If you’re going to aim that laser pistol at us twitters you better be ready to pull the trigger.

  6. can i play for or plurk? :)

  7. Mike Burns (Wrytir)

    Bring it! At your service, Captain Smith.

  8. F**k it. I’m in for the Tweeters.

  9. I’m in on the Twitter side.

  10. Well, seeing how everyone is jumping on the twitter side I will defend the bloggers. Battle royale!

  11. As long as my schedule’s open for whenever this is decided to go down, I’m in. Tweet that! :)

  12. Bloggers Rule…Twits Drool

  13. Since I WIN at both blogging and twittering, I volunteer to be the referee.

  14. It’s pretty fitting that this uber-nerd battle be fought on a field built for 8-year olds.

    Do it at Power Play so I can go play Wallyball.

  15. Bloggers from 8am-5pm need to get back to work.

  16. unless they mastered one-handed twittering, twitters will lose while trying to tweet their time-space coordinates. give up already.

  17. I have been contemplating this decision all day. Which team should I play for? I am a blogger and a tweeter (the_d_rules). The only way I’m getting in on this is that I’m going to be on which ever team has the hottest, single chicks. (Single means no boyfriends, husbands, or friends with benefits.) I will be choosing the day of the battle.

    So that is my decision. If feel that I must tell you. I am a former United States Marine, with 4 time expert qualified M16-A2 rifleman. I am also a 4 time qualified expert with the 9mm Beretta.

    I expect most of you NERDS will be backing out now. Bring it LOSERS!

  18. arogersphotos (amy)

    I’m in for either! And I’m on the tweeters team. Can’t wait for the match!

  19. There’s a good bit of interest in the dodgeball tourney as well. That could possibly shape up along Twitter vs. Blogger lines. Hmmm. Laser tag (round 1) … dodgeball (round 2) … what thinks you, Log, for a trifecta finale, a possible rubber match event?

  20. Mike Burns (wrytir)

    There’s a good bit of interest in the dodgeball tourney as well. That could possibly shape up along Twitter vs. Blogger lines. Hmmm. Laser tag (round 1) … dodgeball (round 2) … what thinks you, Log, for a trifecta finale, a possible rubber match event?

  21. I vote on a spelling bee!!!! 😀

  22. Mike Burns (wrytir)

    KC Sponge … I’m all over that!!! Great idea!

  23. Mike Burns (wrytir)

    KC Sponge: On second thought (yes, it took me a second), a spelling bee between tweeters and bloggers seems decidedly unbalanced as the former will likely use webinator shorthand. 😉 We must carefully define the approved dictionary, no? I suspect the librarians may share their opinions. Because most I know are both bloggers and tweeters, I’d defer humbly to their opinion(s).

  24. Well, I’ve been a blogger a lot longer than I’ve been a twitterer, so I guess that would be my team. Unfortunately, I suck at laser tag.

  25. Wow – what a lot of testosterone!

    I’m in, of course, with a single caveat: we are allowed to use cs gas and flash-bangs…

  26. blogger for laser bludgeonry.

  27. I’m in for the blogging side. Bludgeonry indeed, Sponge. Grrrrr!!!

  28. I am in the same boat as Sponge (traveling a lot this summer and fall) but if I am here I insist that The D be on the blogger team….so I can hide behind him while he shots tweeters.

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