Star Trek (****)

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When I saw Star Wars when I was a kid my mind was expanded, my imagination ran wild and all I wanted was for that little training lazer ball thingie to be real and me to be able to be trained during my Jedi training by it with Yoda supervising. When the prequels were about to come out on theater I had great expectations, one of the biggest mistakes you can do when going to a movie, and the movie was a total letdown. I learned later in life that transformers was just meant as an infomercial with a story to sell toys, but to have Star Wars become the same thing was pretty sad.

When it comes to movies, I sometimes set myself up for letdowns. I have been pretty excited to see what they did with Star Trek since I wrote about the cast being announced back in 07. I knew some of the actors, and was very excited to see what Zachari Quinto and Simon Pegg were going to do with their roles.

Since watching the Star Wars remakes I had started to get used to the idea that I was not able to tap into my inner child to enjoy movies anymore. Even the latest Indiana Jones did not excite my imagination as much as the older ones did. I thought that the Matrix and Blade were going to be the last movies that I would get truly excited about and chucked Transformers coolness to pure sentimentalism for one of my favorite morning cartoons. I figured I would never get goose bumps during a movie again, and that my inner child only came out to play video games.

Then I watched Star Trek this weekend.

Saying that this movie blows StarWars latest trilogy out of the galaxy would be an understatement for the ages. This is entertainment in its best form. Great writing, Great acting, Great special effects… the Summer blockbuster is BACK. I will not talk about the movie or its plot, because you deserve to see it untainted! go see it this week, go to the IMAX, go and experience what I think would be one of the best movies of the year! What are you waiting for?

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  1. Have you seen Wolverine Log? I’d be curious what your take on that was. I’ve heard quite a bit of negative reviews but I thought it was decent and entertaining. Maybe it was because I hadn’t set my hopes way up before the movie…

  2. I liked Wolverine, I however thought that they did not do justice to the supporting cast in that movie. Gambit is one of my favorite characters from that universe and while his special effects were cool, his personality just did not come through as the cool cajun thief from the comics… I don’t even want to talk about the rest, there was just so many opportunities for so much but everything was set up domino style for wolverine to just push down.

    It was entertaining though and I would give it almost 3 stars, however I think since it included eye candy for my wife, I give it full 3 stars.

  3. Great. Now I’m going to have to see it because you say it’s good. My husband will thank you. *groans*

  4. Melinda, Bea does not like Sci-Fi all that much and she loved the movie. It is not just a good StarTrek movie, its a great movie. Funny, good action, seriously you will be entertained.

  5. Good to hear another great review for this film. We wound up going out of town this past weekend, so we haven’t seen it yet, but I know it’s at the top of Ted’s list for this weekend. And…thanks for not spoiling anything :)

  6. Star Trek was AWESOME! I have watched at least part of all of the Trek franchise and the new movie was wonderful. I was a little leary because of the fact that the majority of movies lately have just been yuck but I agree with you. The cast, effects and story line were all put together VERY well. I already want to see it again. Also I have encountered several people who are not long in the tooth Trek fans who loved the movie. While it had the quirks and inside humor for the Trek fans it worked for those without knowledge of all the particulars of decades of television and previous movie knowledge.

  7. I agree with you about this Movie, I’ve seen it twice and I should go see it again, I’m hoping that they continue this excellence in moving making and don’t cheapen the sequels as they are sure to come. :)

  8. Jace Hall is kinda weird. I mean is it normal for someone to be that tall, bald, and into video games. Oh well I only mention him because his show on this week is featuring footage from Duke Nukem Forever so it’s worth a look if you can put up with him and the Star Trek segment at the beginning.

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