The Best Friend I’ve Never Met

It was the middle of the night for me, I had just made one of the biggest decisions of my life and I could not even think straight. My sister told me afterward that I was shaking so much that I could not even put the bread that she was making me eat into my mouth. I guess I had not eaten all day. I honestly don’t remember much of that conversation with her that night. Millions of thoughts raced through my head and I didn’t even realize back then that I had finally come face to face with regret.

As I looked at my cellphone to dial the number I wondered if it was a good time to call, I remembered that at the time plenty of things were going on in his life. I made the phone call anyway and spent a very good part of the rest of the night with a friend, someone that comforted me, gave me advice, and supported me through what today marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

To say that Daniel is a good friend is to try to describe New Zealand from only having seen a postcard. We have laughed plenty of times, but the moments that I think defined our friendship have been being there through some of the rougher times. Most guys have a hard time connecting in an emotional level with other guys and don’t talk about feelings or relationships in an honest way. I guess this society promotes toughness and rough exteriors to such a point that it is seen as weakness to show emotion or to care. Being able to have someone to talk through emotional things I have gone through has allowed me not just to resolve them for myself, but to be able to help same for my other friends.

My only regret for a long time was that we did not live close to each other and I could not be “there” for him when he has needed me. However, “Chicago John” as I am known in his household has been on the phone for some important stuff.

During his visit, to say we hit it off is to call the amazon a little stream of water. We had fun and laughs, but we got to know each other better. We had conversations that created stronger bonds. We learned more about each others past, but most importantly talked about the future.

I look forward to the day I meet his wife and kids, as well as the rest of his family. He values family as much as I do and is as close to his sister as I am with mine. He loves his wife like I love mine, and just cannot wait for them to also meet each other.

A good friend is something to cherish; but a friend like Daniel, someone that makes you a better friend, husband and overall a better person has no price.

I don’t think I have ever properly thanked you for that night Daniel, but more so than for than night I want to thank you for being the best friend that until just a few days ago I had never met.

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