Let my Photos Go!

I like photography, I like it a lot. I like capturing moments in time, and I love to take way too many pictures… my problem now is where do I keep them?

The first service that I used to upload pictures to was actually webshots, and I still have some pictures there but I have not uploaded anything there for quite some time.

I used to keep all my mobile photos in a now defunct textamerica until they decided to charge and poof, all my mobile pictures were gone… I think that is one of the reasons I stop taking mobile photos as much as I used to because losing them all sucked a lot. I also kind of started using brightkite, but various past stalker incidents I have to keep my stuff private which kind of defeats the whole purpose IMHO.

I have been somewhat happy with flickr, I was one of the early adopters of the service before yahoo swallowed it and actually paid a membership for a couple of years. To really get good features you have to pay for a membership, and while it is not very expensive it just bothers me that I have to pay to give access to my own pictures. One thing that I still don’t like about their interface is that it is very configurable in some places, but not so much in others. The final presentation of the albums is not something I like. So once again I want to use something different.

I have used the google free service and I am liking how it works more and more, but now transferring years worth the pictures seems like a daunting task. I know that there are scripts and even services that I can use to move things around but it is just a big hassle and I just want a service that I can use for a long time.

I am working on the idea of getting a gallery and actual portal for my photography going, but the bandwidth is just not something I am willing to pay for just yet. The blog and other various websites are already eating the bandwidth that I pay for.
So I am in a total limbo when it comes to where am I going to stick all of my photos at? I am sick of them being everywhere and nowhere.

I have a bunch of family pictures that I would like to post, but some of the other people in my family started using the kodak easy share site and I just don’t enjoy it that much. Just try to look for something without making a user. Do I got for the ease of use for my (already in need of technical support constantly) family? or do I go for a feature rich place that would let me do some coding around it?

So if anyone knows of the killer website to keep all your pictures, with geo tags, conversation, access to static addresses, even if there is a price attached to it please let me know.

Also while we are talking pictures, you can check out a little slide show of some old pictures I am actually proud I took.

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