Tween Tramps

I know that my year and a half as a step parent hardly qualifies me as an beginner in parenting, let alone an expert. I do however get annoyed by what some people allow their kids to do. Just as much as a dog owner that does not pick up the poop from the sidewalk, I am annoyed by parents that let a tween dress like a total tramp.

I have seen the phenomenon before, but it turned out to be a total “pandemic” when I visited World of Fun this weekend. I was always a little annoyed by the MTV show that showed girls having sweet 16 parties that seemed to be more expensive than an actual wedding, but what I saw this weekend was just a little too much.

It starts with the make up. I don’t think any kid under the age of 18 needs full on club make up. To be fair, I am not a fan of make up, I believe in natural beauty. I do appreciate it when a woman gets all dolled up to go out, but a 12 year old with more mascara than all the Emo bands in the world put together to me is going a little too far.

I understand that most parents have to trust their kids, and that they can just go to their friends house and do it anyway, but My Mom would have never let my sister go outside with some of the make up and clothes I saw.

I seriously have seen movie prostitutes with more clothes on and less make up that some of these kids. I thought I was just being over critical, but the more I walked through the park, the more example of “club clothing and make up” on little girls I encountered.

Granted, it could be that I am just getting old and even people in their twenties look like 12 year olds to me, but it seems like this is not something that I just noticed. Appearently there are reality shows on TV about little girls being in beauty pageants… I guess I totally forgot about how creepy the whole JonBenet Ramsey murder case was.

Newsweek has an article titled “Are We Turning Our Tweens into Generation Diva?” I am afraid we are letting some of our kids just look like tramps.

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  1. Dude, you are right on. The absolute worst case I ever saw was when I used to live in Clare (an even smaller town than Midland) and I saw a tween girl along with (I assume) her Mom in the grocery store and the T-shirt the girl was wearning said “Porn Star” on it. My jaw hit the floor. Basically the root of all this is complete lack of any discipline in the home and parents wanting to be their kid’s friend instead of being a parent. I want to tear what is left of my hair out every time I hear the “well they are going to do it anyway” excuse. So we should just condone every behavior then? I think not!

  2. I don’t have kids but I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, many kids (esp. the girls) don’t realize that how they’re dressing also affects the impression that they’re making. I look back at some photos from high school and I’m amazed that some of the girls dressed the way they did, like wearing midriff tops (my mom never would’ve let me walk out the door that way). I do think some make up is okay but I’m not sure anyone looks good with it caked on, no matter what age they are.

  3. Caked on is right Becky, some of the makeup I saw looked like it was applied via spatula.

    Sorry Meesha, your dreams of me in drag are probably not going to happen any time soon… however, I was a phat ass pink bunny once. However, I totally condone the whole make up on dudes thing only when it is Eddie Izzard, because he is hilarious… Emo dudes no so much… Emawkc in make up… hrm, there is a challenge.

  4. A couple of my closest friends have a 13 year old whose best friend has a pierced nose. The clothes she wears are not whorish but I DO question some of them ( a kid that age should only have shorts that read “Juicy” across the ass if the crapped themselves). THEN I see some of her friends and realize the parents have found a middle ground.

    The fact that my girlfriends 11 year old is a proto-goth pleases me to no end. I would much rather shop for skull adorned hoodies than plaid thongs.

  5. This almost leads into the whole “just because it is in style doesn’t mean you have the body to wear that style” conversation. My wife doesn’t have a hip, fashion-friendly body type and she is the first one to complain about overweight girls that cram themselves into some sort of belly shirt. Just say no to muffin-tops I guess =)

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