Looking forward to the Nice Weather

Not sure if it is the warm weather, the harassment I got in Chicago that I need to me more often this summer (I dislike cold weather more than I do traffic), all the motorcycles I saw on the road up there (now I am a full time cager), the visit of my friend Daniel who will be here pretty soon or just simply that the weatherman is predicting upper 70s and no raid for the next of the week, but man I cannot wait for the warm weather.

The wife and I are looking forward to some hiking. I am not a hiker by any means, but the prospect of doing one of the things she really enjoys (the whole nature thing) with her is exciting. Who knows, I might end up actually liking it. I am also taking my old bicycle apart and putting it back together with new parts. My wife will probably be riding that more than me, but I do want to put on the roller blades and see if my knees and ankles can take the punishment.

Besides soccer and a little basketball I am not much of an outdoor kind of person. So what are some of the outdoor activities you guys enjoy? Are you looking forward to any of them? Anyone else having cabin fever?

One comment on “Looking forward to the Nice Weather

  1. I think most Seattle-ites are having cabin fever this time of year. It was finally 70 yesterday and will be today but then we’re back to 52/rainy tomorrow. One thing I love about this area is how much there is to do outdoors when teh weather’s nice. I think we’re going to try to rent a kayak or canoe and go around the lake near us. We do day hikes as well in the mountains nearby, usually 4 – 6 miles round trip. It’s hard work, the views are amazing, and I could really feel the benefit afterward (much more so than any other type of exercise I do).

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