Chinese Again!

Lent is over! and well I did end up giving up something after some weight gain, Chinese food. I love fried chicken smothered on delicious sauce, but it just seems like combination of grease, sugar and soy sauce is my kryptonite. So along with my promise of drinking a healthy morning fruit and vegetable smoothie I did not each Chinese for almost 40 days. I am looking forward to eating some fried goodness again, but a lot more conscious about what it does to my system.

The WLC has been a challenge for me this time. After being excited that my weight was way lower (probably just a low dehydrated weight or something) than I expected, BAM I saw what my real weight really was, and I have been able to stay around 251 consistently for most of the challenge. I have lost inches which is great and clothes feel better which actually means a lot more. Nuke has actually lost a whooping 22 pounds and Jeff 16 as of last week! (Great job guys.)

I might do a little push on the last two weeks and see if I can jump start my system and maybe get bellow 240. The weather is getting nicer and outdoor activities will probably be more conducive to getting in shape. I know nutrition and exercise will be the key to getting in good shape again, and it seems like this time the changes however small will be long lasting.

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  1. 22 pounds sounds like a lot to most people, and I AM really happy with it. On the other hand it is barely 5% of my weight and I have a lot of work yet to do.

    Ideally I could keep losing at say half this rate, and drop another 45% by the end of the year (not counting the occasional plateau). I think more exercise would help (Logtar and I have discussed this), but I give myself a pass too often because of my sore knees.

    On the food front, I DID have a couple Reese’s eggs over the holidays but for the most part my new eating habits are starting to settle in. I have breakfast and lunch under control, but still sometimes take too large of a serving at dinner (and feel bloated and miserable if I finish).

    I just wanna say thanks Logtar! I had started trying to be healthier on my own, but because of you I am paying more attention. The encouragement helps a bunch!

  2. I’m in the process of trying to lose weight myself and I”m pretty frustrating from only losing 5 lbs. in the past 2 1/2 months, despite eating better and exercising 3 – 4x a week (for at least 40 min. per session). My pants are a little looser but not enough. I don’t keep a lot of junk food around, but I think my achilles heel is portion control and instead of going back for more, I eat broccoli or spinach.

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