Some scars can be horrible, some even cause disfigurement or horrible reminders of a bad incident or accident. One of the reasons I love tattoos is because to me they are permanent reminders of something in our lives. I got my first tattoo when my niece was born, the rest of it turning into a dragon when I felt like becoming an adult and most recently got it colored again because my wife brought new shades of happiness into my life. While tattoos are a choice, they are still a type of scar.

The thought of vampires have always fascinated me, immortality for one is a concept that brings a lot of ideas; being able to learn every language in the world, traveling this whole planet, all amazing things that immortality can provide. In vampire lore there is something that to me is negative in some ways, and that is not having any scars after you are turned one or never having them if you are born that way.

Emotional scars make us who we are. Pain and suffering are a part of the quilt that covers our personality. Having persevered through tough times shows that even in the face of horrible situations we decided to keep going. Wounds that heal leave scars, reminders of what was really painful.

Some people never discover what they are made of until they are put in a tough situation. There is a level of power knowing that you can live through a situation that you might never thought you could. And while scars are badges of honor that we get from life, the emotional ones that nobody sees are probably deeper and more significant that the ones on our skin.

Those scars that nobody sees are the ones that only come through light when we trust someone. When we show someone we care about what we have gone through, what has hurt us, what could still be healing. It takes a lot of courage to show to scars to someone, but having them recognize them or help us take care of them if the wound is not totally healed is a truly remarkable feeling and to me a facet of love.

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  1. Dude: I had no idea!

    If you are interested in vampyres, head on over to my place; I just published – in the Au Currant area – a link to a Vampyre Graduate School!

    Wow – talk about serendipity…

    ; ‘ )

  2. Physical scars are easy to talk about because they are visible. That includes tattoos. The old “do they mean something” line may sound hokey, but it IS a starting point for a personal discussion. I didn’t know about the meaning of yours, altho I have seen that great piece on your arm.

    Emotional scars are harder for some folks to talk about. Some people don’t even acknowledge their own, let alone bring up the subject. While I can say that I have had some moments that helped mold me, I cannot say that I have survived anything big enough to say I have a “scar”. Then again I may just not be honest with myself lol.

    Oh, and interesting thought on the vampire angle. I never really thought about that. Regardless, any time you want to talk scars or tatts lemme know!

  3. The hubby & I recent tattooing experience was because of an inner scar/pain (the loss of our Great Dane Willow). I felt I needed to feel a physical pain since I was hurting so bad inside. His was because he didn’t ever want to forget her.

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