I would like to redefine the word iRude. Right now it applies to the snobbishness exhibited by iPhone owners, to us not appled pleople. However, I think that iRude should apply to anyone that is more connected to a wireless device than the people around them IRL (In Real Life).

Tweetups are a perfect example, even though we are all there, there are people still freaking tweeting! isn’t the point to actually talk IRL with the people you “follow.” I guess we have to keep all those not in attendance, or those hiding in a basement, with all of our not so remarkable shenanigans.

You would think the most iRude person I know is my wife, who is connected to her social media and somewhat neglecting her actual blog, but no its actually my buddy Wookieluv. His iTouch gets more play than his nose has seen since the third grade. The thing is that he claims he is still connected and paying attention while he tries to beat an digital evil cheating penguin at Monopoly, or beating his score on TapDefense, or whatever the latest little iPhone app is. Obviously we cannot compete with something that gives tactile feedback, but I find it iRude to talk to the top of his head while he skee-balls his way to yet another high score.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the allure of those gadgets, so much so that when my old phone started to crap out I considered leaving verizon for ATT and joined the iRude crowd. Canceling my service with verizon proved to be a little harder since they gave me rebates and promised that the LG Versa would make coffee for me in the mornings. Turns out it was all a lie, I hated the LG Versa. I gave it a good try, but its gimmicky interface made it look like just a wannabe iPhone that did not excel at anything. Making a phone call would take sometimes 5 click! and thanks to screen “un-sensitivity” sometimes 7. So when I heard that crackberry’s were buy one get one free I mentioned it to the wife. She did not reveal that she always wanted one, but seemed interested so last night we went to check them out. Buy one, get one free and help the economy! win-win in my opinion.

This weekend talking to Nuke killed my desire for an iPhone. I have heard of the issues with the iPhone, and even though both of the issues that he has encountered were resolved, I found them to be a hassle that I just don’t want to deal with.

We both walked out of the first verizon store where I did not come out fuming with new crackberry curves. Same phone, different colors and different covers… mine is an industrial like tire thread, and hers feels like silk… kind of freaky and at the same time cool plastic material that feels soft to the touch. We went to dinner and I think we said 3 words to each other, and the only thing that brought us to reality was the server that was a super nice guy.

We both became iRude, and continued the rest of the night. I cannot get over how cool this device is. There has only been two drawbacks that I have been able to find, one is the button sensitivity of the side voice recognition button, which has since been turned off. The other one was the lack of games for it, but I am sure if I dig I will find some. The brick breaker that comes with is fun enough. However, the google, twitter and facebook apps work very well. The interface is one of the most intuitive that I have found in a long time.

I thought about still getting a iTouch to get the MP3 storage as well as the cool games available, but after the crackberry recognized all the songs I already had on the microSD card and played them on my car in full stereo sound it killed my desire.

So I guess I have now become one of the many minions of the technology age by having a device that I find more interesting than any conversation that does not happen 140 characters at a time. I am now iRude too.

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  1. No, no!!! You aren’t iRude! You’ve just joined the ranks of all of us Crackberry users. Welcome! 😀

  2. Dude, I totally love my iPhone. It kills me to be the one who turned you off. I am one of those persons who can barely make it thru 2 years without a new phone, often because new=cool but usually because the old one is beat to hell. Every piece of technology has examples of failure, no phone is 100% reliable. Next time we go to lunch, I’ll regale you with tales of how much abuse I dish out to my iPhone.

    As for the Crackberry, I had one of the original RIM devices about 5 years ago, maybe more. Mine was before the devices became integrated with phones, and I still thought it rocked. I had a Palm Pilot before that, but was sooooo much more impressed with the Blackberry. If I didn’t have an iPhone I’d have a Blackberry. I have nothing against all the other fine devices out there that people swear by, but I like what I like.

    Anyway, I hope you and your sweetie enjoy em. But please, if you ever catching me being iRude smack me or something.

  3. Don’t be hatin’ on the Jesus Phone, yo!

    Actually, the only reason I even have an iPhone is because a friend of mine upgraded his and gave me his old one for the cost of a 24-pack of Budweiser.

    iPhones, as with all phones definitely have their issues, what I have been pleased with is the quicker-than-expected bug solution.

    The biggest critics of the iPhone in my immediate circle are currently the first ones to call me when they need something that my phone can do that theirs can’t – directions, phone numbers, traffic reports, etc.

  4. unrelated to the type of phone I think it’s idiotic to constantly transmit boring-ass details of one’s life. on a rare day I update my facebook more than once, sometimes once-a-week. seeing how all the new stuff eventually slows down, I am hoping all that will revert to normal levels in the future.I don’t text because of time/cost/fat fingers/being pissed off/etc and I don’t twitter b/c I already literally waste most of my time in front of computer anyway.

  5. I wondered if they allowed that Daniel. Let another customer register and use a “used” iPhone. I saved a while to upgrade to the 3G, and would hate to let my Edge phone sit in a box. Logtar missed the boat, I woulda made him a deal for my old one.

  6. LOL, I am about to go to lunch and all I can think is that I will be surrounded by people using apps, checking email, twittering about Chinese food instead of actually talking. What is this world coming too?

  7. I have slowed down my iPhone usage and twittering and facebook obsession – its made me sad to not be so connected online, but I have increased my face time with a lot of people I know from the web and IRL. I think its important to take a step back every now and then as our connectivity as a people continues to evolve.

  8. Wook,

    In addition to picking your friends, he also thinks you pick your nose. I’m not sure if you can pull off, “But can he pick his friends nose.” But its worth a shot.

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