What I am doing for lent

This weekend was way too short… can I just get one that is at least just long enough to recharge my batteries?

For lent I am not giving anything up, I am actually doing something for myself in drinking a fruit and vegetable smoothie every morning. I have been doing it for over a week and it does make me feel a lot better.

I have been consistent with waking up and doing some Wii Fit every morning, been lifting also almost every day and actually did some elliptical last week with some very good results. I am not losing a ton of weight, but I feel better and the clothes are fitting.

This weekend we had the great privilege of being invited to a wedding where I actually got to be the photographer! We had an excellent time and the food was all pretty healthy and delicious. We also met some great people which I am sure we will see again.

So I guess the only thing I am giving up for lent is weight and hopefully a couple of bad eating habits here and there. I am still amazed at how much weight I gain just from eating Chinese food for a single meal… its kind of scary… I might have to not just give it up for lent, but give it up altogether.

3 comments on “What I am doing for lent

  1. am trying to fast on fridays. started on friday past. this is strictly for cleansing. i drink lots of water to detoxify.

  2. Sounds like you are doing fine to me man!

    Most people wuss out and give up something they don’t really miss anyway.

  3. Great minds think alike (per my comment on the previous post). I think what you’ve chosen to do is far better for yourself than just giving up soda.

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