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This week has left me with too many serious topics to talk about. I think my draft count jumped by 10. I might actually have to take some time and just write this weekend, but being the photographer for a wedding on Saturday and potentially seeing the little brother on Sunday might not be conducive to it.

I have a couple of serious posts written that I can post today but I decided to keep it on the light side. Bad think is that I don’t feel particularly funny today, and the topic that I want to be funny about I just don’t post about here.

I have already used the embarrassing pictures too, the bunny, the batman outfit, the nacho libre… and no I am not linking, you will have to find it on your own!

I also don’t know what my current audience finds funny either. 5 years ago, the mood panties were a total comedic hit, but today? My attempts at delurking people are not being successful either.

I hope no Mormons visit my site or follow my twitter stream, because magical underwear came into discussion this week. And while I have no problem with someone making fun of my rosary or my devotion to the virgin, some people don’t like to joke about their religion. I in the other hand find Dogma to be a hilarious movie and would totally have a Buddy Christ on my desk along with my Gundam.

Thinking about it, I think the only jokes that I find somewhat offensive are family jokes. Racist and stereotype jokes can be funny, but I find them somewhat lazy when it comes to comedy. Can you guys think of any type of jokes that you just don’t appreciate?

5 comments on “Not So Serious

  1. Ooh! I want a Buddy Christ tooo!
    Anyway, I scared off some JEHOVAH WHITNESS’S this week useing their own logic aginst them. Their main tatic is “Woudn’t it be more personal to call God by his real name?” Rather than call God GOD? First off I told them “But A rose by any other name is still a rose is it not?” I also mentioned to them that I’ve been doin some research myself since I am taking a Christianity class this semester. I have found out that JEHOVAH is the Hebrew word for LORD. So by their own logic they are simply calling GOD = LORD which is still not his real name. Uppon more research, I told them they could find out that “YAHWEH” is the covenant name of God used in the old testiment. ^_^

  2. You may want to double-check your research there, KCGeek. When you see the small-caps LORD in an English-language Bible, you’re looking at a word that was translated from the “Yahweh” word, the Germanized version of which is “Jehovah” (due to how they pronounce the letter ‘j’). As for why a lot of very religious Jews and Christians don’t call God by His proper name, it’s spelled out in Exodus, filed under what we normally refer to as the “Ten Commandments.” Depending on how you break them out, it’s Commandment 2 or 3.

  3. Oh boy, I just hopped over to see your blog after I saw your comment. I got in on a good one :)

    I plead the fifth on both JW’s AND magic underwear :)

    The only jokes I do not like are those that hurt people. Like… truly insulting stuff, for example, jokes about the mentally handicapped/disabled.

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