Got Lent?

Growing up a follower of Cathol, gave me a super power, I have guilt radar. Humans use guilt as a currency as much as they use sex. I wish I was completely immune to it, but all superpowers have to have a flaw right?

Today is Fat Tuesday, not really conducive to my new health kick, but being away from Chicago will keep me away from all the polish bakery goods that would spell doom for my cholesterol. However, our friends are bringing a little Creole into our lives and cooking gumbo! yes I GUMBO!

Lent is about to begin and I still have not decided what to give up. I thought about giving up sodas all together, but its not really much of a sacrifice anymore. I could give up coffee or caffeine also, and while that would be more difficult, it might have some side effects that I am not willing to put up with. Giving up carbs would probably be awesome for my diet, but in the past the Atkins diet introduced me to migraines.

So what should I give up for Lent?

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  1. I’m having trouble this year too. Instead of giving something up, how about doing something more? Like excercise (goes well with a diet!) or reading the Bible, something like that. I committed to reading the whole Old Testament one year for Lent and I’m glad I did. I had never read it before from front to back and it was really enlightening…Let me know what you decide to do! I still haven’t figured anything out.

  2. Ooohh! Ooohh! I know.. I dare you to give up World of Warcraft for the whole duration of Lent!
    Maybe you’ll spend some time playin OTHER GAMES with me then. ^_^
    God I’m good at guilt trips.

  3. LOL @ Nick, Lent for Lent.


    I believe I have already read 90% of the Old Testament… going to Catholic school I believe we studied all the books in one form or another. That is not a bad idea thought, I might try to do something instead of giving something up… but then again, its is about giving something up I am used to.


    Guilt like that I am pretty much immune to. I would give up WoW if I did not enjoy it as much as I do. Its a great stress reliever for me and I have a lot of friends that play with me… its more about the friends than the game for me. So it would not be giving up something I enjoy, I actually think that giving up hobbies can actually be counter productive. I have also been playing plenty of other games. Beat GH World Tour with the wife a couple of weeks ago. Played the Force Unleashed which was actually not bad but a little too linear. So no, giving up video games is not going to do anything for me.

    After giving it some thought, I might be giving up Beef. I like beef a lot, but I think I can live without it for 40 days… lots of chicken, fish and maybe some pork! Keep the ideas coming. I considered going vegetarian for 40 days… wonder how that would be. Still thinking about it so keep the ideas coming.

  4. What about just giving up those “bad carbs”, like white bread or white sugar, but keeping in fruit and whole grains (Bran Flakes, here you come!)? You may not get the migraines then (but you also may not lose much weight). Or maybe making something from scratch every single day, like some whole-wheat bread one day, or trying a new recipe every single day? Wiley made mayonnaise from scratch. He liked it; I didn’t, but hey, at least we tried it, and it wasn’t that difficult for him to make.

  5. I’m pretty late to this game, as Lent has already started, but I kind of like the idea of people doing something positive rather than giving up something they like. But if you really want to sacrifice, Travis’ idea of the man flower is a good one.

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