Weight Loss Challenge Six

It was nice to find the old table and see that at one point I was actually 262! I am now at 246, but still have a lot of weight I want to lose.

My Mom gave me and Bea both killer haircuts, and also a healthy tip. She has been drinking this vegetable/fruit smoothie that looks kind of green but does not taste have bad. I have been doing it for a couple of days and I already feel better. It cleans your system, but it is not a flush type of clean.

But now onto the challenge. We have had up to 6 people doing it before. It lasts eight weeks. There are no real prizes unless someone wants to donate something, but we do it for health and fun. To sign up is simple, just send me an e-mail (logtar@gmail.com) and I will add you to the list. Every Monday send me your weight… if you have a blog, I will link from the challenge page.

Funny enough, Jeff started one today also! maybe he and his buddies will join this one and keep track of it here!

10 comments on “Weight Loss Challenge Six

  1. Lemme check my current weight. If I am down to where the scale at home works I’ll play along. If I have to go to the Y, maaaaaybe, maybe not.

  2. Better yet join my weightloss program.
    Simply stand next to my gargantuan weight and you automaticly look thiner! Guarinteed! Sign up now and I’ll not shave or bathe for weeks, making your skin look silky smooth by comparison!
    Side effects may include creepy guy learking in your bushes and peering into your windows while your asleep.

  3. Thanks KCGeek, but no thanks. I don’t really have bushes and my neighbors have guns. Might be unhealthy for you.

  4. I’m sorry I didn’t get it sent in last night after I weighed, but it should be in your inbox.

    Will try to be more punctual in the future.

  5. Did I hear somebody mention a weight loss challenge? SIGN ME UP! I’m ready to go!

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