Delurk New Theme?

I changed the theme, the other one I loved but it was getting old. Removed some old links and added some new ones.

Now, the real reason for the change is to delurk!

I’ve been told by Nuke that I am accomplishing one of my blog’s goals, making people think, but that I am failing at the other one, making people participate in the discussion … more on that some other time.

I’ll make this one easy. If you comment on this post, you will get a link. Unless you are a spammer or something of that nature. Your comment should answer one of the following questions, or all if you chose.

* How many hours do you sleep on an average night?
* What is your latest internet find that you find useful?
* What is your favorite animal?
* What subject should I post about next?

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10 comments on “Delurk New Theme?

  1. Looking good! Makes me remember one of my old themes.

    *How many hours do you sleep on an average night?
    7-8, and thank God for that!

    * What is your latest internet find that you find useful?
    DepressionTribe. com

    * What is your favorite animal?
    It’s a tie between penguins and dolphins.

    * What subject should I post about next?
    I don’t know what to post about in my blog, so I can hardly give you ideas for yours. 😉

    Love you.

  2. I like the new theme!

    About 7.5 hours.

    Facebook believe it or not


    I think perhaps economics during the great depression =)

  3. The new theme is good, but I think themes are becoming a bit irrelevant since most people use RSS readers. Still… I like to go to the actual pages so I can comment.

    As for your questions (BTW, what ever happened with that blogger interview project you were working on a few months ago?):

    How many hours do you sleep on an average night?
    About six

    What is your latest internet find that you find useful?
    AlphaBounce (Useful? This is the Internet)

    What is your favorite animal?
    Spotted Owl (Mmmm… Tasty!)

    What subject should I post about next?
    Compare and contrast the current economic environment in the United States with the “lost decade” in Japan. Focus on critical causality and deconstruct the approaches of the two governments in handling the respective crises. Give examples and project the likelihood of success of current U.S. policy based the success, or lack thereof, of Japanese policymakers in the 1990s.

  4. I think comments are down on just about every site I visit — it doesn’t seem to be a high priority anymore. My answer to #2: How much umemployment will pay in WA, if I get laid off.

  5. I post because I want to!

    I sleep a lot more than I used to. 8 hours used to be good, but now I think I’m getting about 9. 9!!! Holy cow!

    I actually have had to stay off the Net due to too much typing during the day. I need to rest my hand. So I can’t answer this qu.

    I love polar bears. Love love love them. If you ever go to the Omaha Zoo, you’ll see why. But I pretty much love every animal, even rats, though I’m not fond of their tails and before I had a friend that has them as pets, never would’ve considered them as anything other than a rodent.

    I think you should blog about your love, or hate, of Spam. Let’s see…have you touched on the hardest obstacle you’ve faced outside of coming to the US and not knowing the language?

  6. You guys trying to make me talk about economics are the fail, specially you Emo dude… Japan’s response is so different to what we are doing right now that I am not sure why it failed… maybe some day!

    However, Melinda, I have been working on a post for a while and because of what you suggested it might get posted today.

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