I don’t like chocolate

Lets say that you love a good apples. The sweet smell of fresh apples, or maybe fresh pie made from apples that grew just down the road from where you live. You grew up eating this tasty apples and suddenly you cannot have such apples anymore.

I love maraschino cherries. They are preserved and sweetened, but this is how I first tasted them. I love cherry artificial flavor, but real cherries from the grocery store or even cherry pie not so much.

Most people here think that there is only one type of mango, or one type of banana. In the tropics there are several variation of the fruit. For example mangoes vary in consistency from peach meaty to very stringy, and in flavor from very sour to super sweet. Bananas here are about medium size and actually not that sweet. The normal banana consumed in Colombia is about double the sweetness, but there are even some sweeter varieties.

Moving to another country brings a lot of issues when it comes to food. The freshness and availability of certain things just goes completely out the window. You adapt and adopt other likes. Now this brings me to chocolate.

Chocolate in Colombia tastes a lot different than here. Even more so sugar. Sugar that comes from sugar cane is a lot different than sugar that comes from corn. I am sure the molecular structure ends up being the same, but when things are actually made from high fructose corn syrup, they end up tasting was too sweet, almost sticky.

It is hard to taste the difference going from the overpowering corn to the sugar cane. What most people call chocolate here tastes nothing like the chocolate I ate in Colombia. Specially hot cocoa. Chocolate here to me tastes like pure sugar with a hint of the flavor I used to taste, so that is why I don’t like chocolate.

You guys have no idea the incredulous diatribes I hear every time I tell someone that I don’t like chocolate. I specially dislike things that are chocolate flavored because they taste nothing like real chocolate. I sometimes wonder if people would think that real chocolate is actually too bitter for them to like.

I don’t get it. Plenty of people hate liver and green beans, both foods I love, but I have never heard anyone freak out about people that say they don’t like them. I guess because chocolate is marketed here like the answer to everyone’s bad day. I don’t like the fake flavor of chocolate even though I can enjoy the cherry one… its not that weird people, its just a preference.

10 comments on “I don’t like chocolate

  1. Did you seriously just compare organ meat to chocolate? You like chocolate, you just don’t like a variation of chocolate…so making the blanket statement in your title is false and used to promote the outcry you reference in the last paragraph.

    If you want to find something close to the chocolate you like, go to Christopher Elbow.

  2. You are probably right, but blanket statements are so much more fun.

    Over the years I have grown tired of explaining that sure I do like chocolate but not the normal kind, and people either go, white chocolate? or You don’t like chocolate? so I opted for the path of least resistance.

    I am willing to try anything, but I have seriously lost the taste for chocolate from having so many bad ones.

  3. I don’t care much for milk chocolate and white chocolate is an Abomination Before The Lord. Pretty sure there is a verse in Leviticus that deals with white chocolate.

    But dark chocolate is like sex.

  4. Not to speak blasphemy or anything, but my daughter hates milk or dark chocolate but she likes white chocolate =)

  5. Real Chocolate, eh? Thank you for your helpful my-culture’s-better-than-yours insight. You are such a troll sometimes, Logtar.

  6. What? You’re crazy not to like chocolate! J/k!

    I get that reaction too when I tell people I hate peanut butter — I can’t even “fake” eat it to be polite when someone makes anything with PB in it.

  7. I actually like milk chocolate but it has to be good. most mass market chocolate sold here i.e Hersheys is crap, probably due to the lack of the main ingredient. there are many sorts of better and/or European (not always good either) chocolate sold at World Market, decent not overpriced chocolate can be found at trader Joe’s. also liver rules. and tongue. little tongue never hurt anyone.

  8. I don’t like chocolate either. It’s just tastes gross to me. Almost bitter. It doesn’t matter if it’s white, dark or milk, it just tastes awful! I almost hate the way it feels in my mouth. Ugh. I don’t mind eating it when there are things like peanuts or other flavors that take away from the chocolate, but there has to be very little actual chocolate taste I guess for me to enjoy it.

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