Won’t You Take Me To?

XO seems to be the driver of my birthday Chiva. I woke up this morning to not just two, but three “bacon and egg cups” and two pancakes that were 100 times better than anything that Denny’s was serving for free. He also picked the venue for this Saturday’s celebrations, Funky Town.

I am not so sure I want to be standing this close to an atheist that has decided to dissect the bible in a place of decadence… who am I kidding, he is great friend if God decides to send the thunder bolt, I will get my wings and he will descend to whatever black hole atheists go to since they don’t believe in hell.

Maybe I can talk Chimpo into a eating contest earlier on Saturday and see if we can have a double heart attack while eating at our local Brazilian Rodizio… but I am looking forward to dancing that night. Sponge has already promised a new outfit. I am not tainted by the small town mentality that anywhere five miles from my house is far; so I expect all of you able to attend to go, it will be fun and you will miss out if you don’t go!

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