Your Money’s Worth

We always have salted crackers in the house. It is the default breakfast food when there is no bread. During a month I say we probably go through a box. For my surgery we bought extra since I could only really eat crackers for the first couple of days. Months ago we got a box of crackers that seemed to be missing a couple of crackers. At first I thought maybe someone had messed up the counter on their cracker filling machine because all four packages seemed to be at the same level.

The following couple of boxes seemed to have even less crackers and it has been consisten since. I calculate that the cracker packages now contain about 5 less crackers than they did six months ago, and unless we have been unlucky enough to get all the packages from a badge with less crackers, we are not getting our moneys worth. I seriously doubt that crackers just suddenly started to get heavier so they had to include less to keep up with thier packaging advertised weight.

What made me start to get really paranoid was our artificial swettener. My wife has diabetes and I really don’t enjoy overly sweet stuff, so artificial sweetener is always available. We used to buy the bag that will let you pull out spoon fulls, but then switched to packets.

It has been consisten in the last two boxes that about 15% of the little packets contain next to nothing inside of them. Most packets do have the correct amount to sweeten a cup of joe, but at times I have to open 2 or 3 packages just to get a good one.

We drink coffee every morning. We don’t go to coffee shops as much as we used to but still enjoy brewing our own at times even at night. Six months ago when I would open a coffee container I had to be careful not to end up wearing it because it was filled pretty much to the seal I was having trouble ripping. Now There is a good distance between the seal and the coffee.

If it was not for the crackers being something I eat so consistently, I probably would have never noticed the changes in content from other products. I don’t have a super precise scale to really compare the weight of the products, but I am seriously considering it. Has anyone else noticed any other examples where we are getting less than our moneys worth?

I guess my powers of observation were correct and it was not just paranoia. Thanks Lucas and Meesha.

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  1. I noticed the Splenda shortage with a WTF look on my face, but I hadn’t noticed the cracker issue. Interesting.

    Maybe they finally decided they were giving us too much food?

  2. I’ve seen the same phenomenon with the Dial soap I use in the shower. The bars of soap are the same size, but the back side of the bar has an arch cut out of it, reducing the total amount of soap by at least 15 to 20 percent.

    So you get fewer showers from a bar of soap. Good think I only shower twice a month.

  3. They did a story on The Today Show about this as well and how there’s a variety of foods/drinks that actually have less than before — yet are at the same price.

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