Communication Issues

Our society is killing communication every single day. I believe language is under constact attack. Corporate America fills its people with keywords and are supposed to condense ideas to terms, text messages exchanged by people shorten words to vowel deprived puzzles, political correctness replace words with easier to take terms making the company with no cash flow financially challenged. I think none of these things enhance meaning but rather dilute our ability to communicate.

Thoughts are extremely difficult to express. Try word association with two people exiting the same movie and you will still get different responses. The same situation affects everyone in very different ways based on our own experiences and what we believe. Trying to explain what is in our heads is a difficult task and since the amount of language used is getting smaller and smaller we are all exercising on the dangerous game of guessing what others are thinking.

Are we really so crunched for time that expressing full ideas is now reduced to finding the easiest way to express it rather than the more accurate?

Some will blame just plain laziness when asked about this issue, but I believe that our society is really heading in a dangerous direction. Diluting our forms of expression to bite size easy to swallow snacks will only make us less capable of sharing our lives.

9 comments on “Communication Issues

  1. I think it has more to do with folks trying to extend their monkey spheres too far out. Too much attention spread too thinly leaves little room for the kind of social grooming we really need. Language itself is doing fine.

  2. So perhaps we will move full-circle to a population that communicates through chirps and grunts?
    I’m a grammar/spelling freak, and dislike texting because I prefer to spell actual words properly. But I also knit at bars, so I’m sure my perspective is considered the Granny School of Thought….
    Nice to meet you & your wife last night!

  3. Lets not forgot that thanks to our societies obsession with movies and TV many people are simply quote machines and posses no original thought. They speak in Anchorman quotes.

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