Go Ahead and Complain

“I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain.”
Jane Wagner

Somewhere in the 90s during the whole grunge era the world started to change. I believe political correctness got a hold of this country and kids playing little league stopped being able to keep score. Just like in Vegas the world is wonderful, magical place and everyone is a winner. So why is that 2008 felt like such a Sunday morning after a night of partying? Y2K did not happen and everyone opened up the champagne and started to party like it was 1999 into the 2000s… the new millennium. Sure there was the fight at the neighbors house that made everyone gawk at the police taking everyone in, but then the party continued.

When we started to wake up from the party, we saw that there were new rules on our block. Now everyone wanting to enter our block had to go through metal detectors and have their shoes examined. It did not make a difference for our block being secured, but it sure made everyone feel better… or more annoyed. We are all still trying to decide. Maybe the TV will tell us how to feel. Maybe we should let the news tell us that everything is ok “status quo.” Why institute radical change when the slow change in giving up our personal liberties for a false sense of security is so much better.

We have been programmed to think everything is ok, and just saying it makes it so. Go buy a new car and it will make everything ok. Here is 600 dollars that will help our economy, go spend it. We are safe now that cannot bring liquids into the plane… oh wait, did anyone notice that bomb components keep on getting by TSA like they are UPS trying to deliver a “package”?

I have seen real poverty and know what hunger does to people. Trust me when I say that desperation makes good people do bad things. I did not just watch some commercial on late night TV asking me to sponsor a child, I saw those children with own eyes. Now that I hopefully have your attention let me say what I have been building up. Even though I have seen all of that, and plenty of other things that many of you will probably don’t even want to talk about, it does not give me a magical flying pony where I can look down upon everyone while I sprinkle fairy guilt.

Last year sucked. Having bad days at work suck. Having surgery sucked. Having vertigo sucks. Trying to hold back puke from the anesthesia sickness while you do not want to tear your just patched together eardrum is scary and SUCKS! So spare me your, be glad you are alive, last year was great, at least can hear now because it is O.K. to complain, and we complain to be heard and hopefully be comforted by people that care about us, not to be told someone else has it worse than you. I still have not met a person that has it worse than the kids in India that by birth are made to clean poo all day.

Some people think that because I have a “glass half full attitude” I don’t have the right to complain. Well, reality check people! I do have a lot to rant about and will continue to do so because this is MY BLOG :) and I hold complete editorial power… well not complete, Bea and Daniel both have the power to edit my posts and at times even make me sound smarter.

If something in your life is not going great, complain about, being realistic is not a synonym of being pessimistic. Sure, it is great to have a plan, but we have to formulate a problem before we try to solve. So save your empty positivism about last year or the state of the economy or whatever it is that you want to counter my complaining with. Trust me, I am one of the most positive people you will ever find, and even when I have been at my worse I have not forgotten to smile. So go ahead and let it out! Complain!

8 comments on “Go Ahead and Complain

  1. I’ve gotten two colds in less than 1 month. It sucks!

    I’m 34 years old and I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. It sucks!

    My poor stomach is all messed up after the round of antibiotics. It sucks!


    I love you! THAT DOES NOT SUCK.

  2. Bea, me too!

    My poor hubby wasn’t able to land a job at a university for 2009 because all the jobs he applied for dried up when the economy went in the crapper.

    I’ve gained weight and while I’m exercising a little more and watching what I eat, the scale refuses to move! Damn metabolism changing up on me…

    I haven’t been able to find a decent (and somewhat inexpensive) stylist since moving! I refuse to pay $40 just so someone can take one inch off my already short hair in 25 minutes.

    My family never comes to see me and I feel like I don’t matter to them.

    I feel more at home living overseas.

    The HBO series “The Wire” is invading my dreams at night.

    Well, I felt better for just a fleeting second…

  3. I don’t have anything to complain about that wasn’t my own doing. Personal responsibility needs to make a comeback in 2009. I’m doing a lot of healing from 2008, as you know, but I am really going to start out on the optimistic footing again.

    I think what you wrote bears a lot of truth about problems we face today. “…it is great to have a plan, but we have to formulate a problem before we try to solve…” I think this is the problem. We are formulating problems — manufacturing them. The disbelief that things are going so well that we can’t leave well-enough alone, so we fuck with it. Do we need the drama or something? Maybe?

    In any case, enough is enough. I am the master of bitching. I’ve perfected it. But this year I have a chance to really do things right. It’s a slow start and an uphill climb, but you gotta start somewhere.

    Last year, my New Year’s resolution was “The return of Travis.” It took me all damn year but I accomplished it. This year it is, “Empowerment.” I will get it back and I will be better than ever.

  4. I guess I don’t know how to vent like you. 2008 was just that, 2008. Can’t change, fix, or erase what it is. I know you said complain, but since my life doesn’t have many hardships I have little subject in which to complain. I think it’s good that when something does come along and you feel the need to complain you do it. Don’t hold it back in fear that it may offend “someone.” Life is too short to bottle it all in one little body. One side note: Travis…good on ya, mate!

  5. I’m definitely a “half empty” kind of person, but it’s more about what I think is actually going to happen rather than what I hope to (esp. for things that are out of my control, yet directlly affect me). But yeah, it’s definitely sometimes a good release to vent something out.

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